Coca-Cola Big Game Ad

When I think of the Super Bowl, a few things come to mind: football, party foods and the commercials! It may be strange, but I think I enjoy the last two  more than the game itself.  During this year’s Big Game, Coca-Cola will be debuting a 60 second commercial called “The Mirage”. Of course, since it’s the Super Bowl, you can expect this will be no ordinary commercial.

In the ad, you will meet three bands of characters: a band of Cowboys, a gang of “Badlanders” and a pack of Vegas-style Showgirls.  All three of them are racing towards a bottle of Coca-Cola.

The neat thing is that who wins this race is up to YOU! Starting today (January 23rd) to February 3, you can vote for the faction you want to win the race. Then to add some more excitement, you can even sabotage the other teams to slow down their progress.

Through their votes, the fans will determine how it all unfolds and which group will win the prized bottle of Coca-Cola. You will be able to see the final outcome during one of three 30 second ads that will air on TV following the final whistle of the Big Game. This is a first for the Coca-Cola company!

Vote for your favourite faction to win on today until February 3 as well as commit acts of sabotage against the other factions. After watching the video, I’m rooting for the Vegas-style Showgirls. I recently went to Vegas and it had such a whirlwind and exciting trip. I’d love to see them win!

Coca-Cola Big Game Ad

You can watch updates in real-time about each team’s progress on Coca-Cola’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Plus there will be more about these fun characters on Tumblr and Instagram. And as an added perk for following along, after the winner has been crowned, you will be able to watch the two alternate endings from the teams that didn’t win.

In addition, share with your friends which side you are rooting for on Twitter. Tweet about your faves with the hashtags: #CokeShowgirls,#CokeCowboys or #CokeBadlanders. Make sure you tweet on game day with the hashtag and @CocaCola so you can receive a response from the team and get the link to a sabotage page on

Coca-Cola Big Game Ad

After watching the video, who will you be voting for? Will it be the Vegas-style Showgirls (hint hint!), band of Cowboys or gang of Badlanders? Head on over to to get in on the action and vote! May the best team win!

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