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Blogging with the #WindowsPhone #holidayswap

As I mentioned before Christmas, I was swapping out my iPhone for a Nokia Lumia 920 as part of the Windows Phone Holiday Swap. Christmas was pretty quiet for us with my grandma passing away. We traveled to New Brunswick to visit with John’s family while my kids went to Ontario to visit my parents. I kept myself busy though working on my blog and playing with my new Windows Phone.

My favourite feature of my Windows Phone is definitely the camera. I’ve used it more than my DSLR these past few weeks for blog posts and sharing photos on my Facebook profile for my friends and family to see! It takes quality photos that are so clear and in focus. It’s definitely better than my iPhone camera hands down.

Here’s some shots I took over the holidays…


Patches: John’s mom and dad’s dog

couch delivery

My new sectional is delivered  


Cookiemonster Bridget

Wentworth Valley

Driving through the Wentworth Valley, NS

I also discovered many apps that were beneficial to have as a blogger. They are especially good to have when you are traveling so you can still stay connected with your readers and fellow blogging friends. 

1. Facebook+: I prefer Facebook+ over Facebook for Windows Phone because it’s easier to navigate. I would get stuck on a screen in Facebook for Windows Phone and not know how to get myself out. Facebook+ reminds me of the Facebook app I have on my iPhone and you can access all the features like your pages, profile, newsfeed and Facebook messages with the touch of a finger. You can also pin any page you want to your start screen. I have my Facebook page for my blog pinned so I can easily access it. 

Facebook+ app

2. g+:  Browse g+ on your Windows phone.  You can see what’s going in your circles, comment on posts and update your profile. I haven’t figured out how to update my Google+ page for my blog on it though.

3. Klout: Klout for Windows Phone lets you keep tabs on your Klout score, topics, influencers and who you influence. You can also search users and see what their Klout score is. I don’t believe there is a way to give Klout to other people though like you can with the iPhone. I’ve tried a few different Klout apps and this one is my favourite.

Klout app

4. Pin+: My favourite Pinterest app is Pin+. It lets you browse Pinterest like a Newsfeed which is more user friendly in my opinion. You can also select a category and then browse pins from just that category and repin/like pins. It gives you the option share your pin on Facebook and Twitter. 

Pin+ app

5. Rowi [lite]: Rowi is the best Twitter app for the Windows Phone. Not only is it simple to use, but it also some extras like the photo editing using Aviary and adding a location to your tweets. You can also configure your home screen to add hashtag searches, another user’s tweets, retweets, etc.

Rowi app

6. Webmaster Tool: I like to keep tabs on how my site is doing. With Webmaster Tool, I can keep track of your page speed, backlinks, Alexa rank, pages indexed by Google, and more.

Webmaster Tool

7. Fhotoroom: This photosharing app is similar to Instagram (which is sadly not on the Windows Phone). You can add filters and frames to your photos and share on Fhotoroom. Though its a bit clumsy to navigate and I get stuck sometimes on there, it seems to be the best one to use.

Fhotoroom app

8. Skype: Chat with friends through instant messaging and video calls. It works well if you want face time with blogging friends or sponsors about blogging related projects. It’s also a wonderful way to keep in touch with family. I used it with my friend in California and showed her all the renovations we are doing in our home. It’s the next best thing to her actually being hereto see it in person.

Skype app

9. WordPressThis app lets you blog right from your phone! You can add new posts, edit old posts, moderate comments and view stats on all your WordPress blogs. It’s a handy little app to have especially when you are traveling. 

Wordpress app

10. 50,000 Quotes of Wisdom: This app is more of a tool I use for inspiration for my Quotes posts. I often make my own photo quotes and I love how easy it is to search and find quotes in every category imaginable. It’s much easier to use this app than scouring Google for quotes with sources. You can also browse by author.

 What app do you find most helpful on the Windows Phone?

Compensation for this post was provided by Microsoft Canada via Hart & Galla. Opinions expressed here are my own and based on my experience. Windows Phone provided by Microsoft Canada.

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