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K-Cup Pack Countertop Storage Drawer Review

I’m a K-cup junkie. On just about every shopping trip, I find myself picking up more K-cups! I just can’t help myself. I really should stop because I’ve got already filled up my storage drawer and K-cup carousel that I currently own. The other day, I acquired more storage for my coffee addiction: a K-Cup® Pack Countertop Storage Drawer!

K-Cup Countertop Storage Drawer

It’s slim and sleek and blends seamlessly into my kitchen countertop space. I have it placed to the right of the Keurig Brewing System for easy access. It holds 24 K-cups that fit in the holes inside. There’s two drawers: top & bottom. However you want to organize them is up to you. You could have his and her drawers or morning coffee, dessert coffees, etc.  I also appreciate that they are out of sight because I can’t stand clutter especially on my kitchen countertops. John thinks I’m strange because I like them to be almost bare.

The way it’s set up is to go on the right side of the Keurig Brewing System so that the top of the K-cups are facing the brewer. However, if you need to put it on the left side of the brewer, you can. The drawers are reversible and there was directions in the box on how to do that.

The K-Cup® Pack Countertop Storage Drawer measures 4″ wide x 12.8″ tall and 13.9″ deep.

K-Cup Countertop Storage Drawer

Green Mountain Coffee also filled my drawers with K-cups! I love the Gingerbread & Spicy Eggnog! Yum! They make a perfect cup of coffee for the holidays.

K-Cup Countertop Storage Drawer

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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