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Zumba® Fitness Core Wii™ Challenge Review

Get ready to “Party Your Abs Off” as Majesco Entertainment has just released Zumba® Fitness Core on Wii™ and Kinect™ for Xbox 360®!

I decided to take the challenge and will be using Zumba® Fitness Core for one month and reporting to you on my progress along the way. I am so excited to try out the latest Zumba® title for my Wii™ because it is hands down my favorite structured fitness program.

 Zumba® Fitness Core

When I am Zumba® dancing it is as though I am leaving all the stresses of the day behind and devoting one hour solely to my own physical well-being. After having three children in three years, those back to back pregnancies left me over 40 pounds overweight and discouraged. I was very self-conscious about joining a gym (plus, I didn’t have the time with three little ones) and the at home DVD exercise programs that I tried ended up gathering dust in the corner. And then……….I discovered Zumba®!

Zumba® is not only an excellent work out but it is so fun and exciting that I actually look forward to exercising and dancing off the pounds. When I devote three days a week to Zumba® I notice that the scale consistently moves down every week and more importantly, I am toning up in areas like my legs, arms, waist, hips etc. My abdominals however are still a challenge……….

Therefore, I couldn’t wait to try Zumba® Fitness Core which is the first (and only) video game that targets the abs without torturing me with endless crunches and sit-ups that aren’t even effective for me. It includes a whopping 40 new songs that are upbeat, catchy and will definitely make you want to dance and move your body! With 30 dance styles from around the world and choreography dance moves that target the core….it promises a total body workout! From jazz, jive, Latin Pop, salsa, Russian Folk and more, Zumba® Fitness Core has a wide range of appealing dance songs.

Zumba® Fitness Core really delivers on its promise because it is an exceptional workout video game and the songs are fabulous. My first workout consisted of setting up my fitness goals, customizing the workout and learning the moves by following the educational, informative tutorial (I love this feature). Then, I was ready to dance (workout) and I selected my workout. For 45 minutes, I was engaged in a fun workout that left me drenched in sweat and invigorated. Even my six year old daughter joined in on the fun and I love that she is learning that physical fitness is fun while watching me set a good example for my children.

Are you wondering how I was able to Zumba® while holding the Wii™ remote? Zumba® Fitness Core has solved that dilemma by including a Zumba® Fitness Belt so dancing to the game is hands-free!

There are so many amazing features available from Zumba® Fitness Core and I can’t wait to try everything and introduce it all to you each week over the next month. In the meantime, you are invited to visit the Zumba® Fitness Core website and check it out for yourself. If you are looking for a serious workout that is a ton of fun then I highly recommend Zumba® Fitness Core for the Wii™ or Kinect™ for Xbox 360®!

It is available for purchase online and at major retailers for the SRP of $39.99! Purchase it at Amazon.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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