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Volcano Island Countdown Review

With the cold weather here and so much rain in our area, we have hunkered down indoors. It’s just too yucky outside right now to go anywhere. One way we have been keeping ourselves entertained has been playing board games. Volcano Island Countdown is one new game we recently received and it was a hit!

Bridget and I had a lively round of Volcano Island last weekend and it was both fun and intense! It’s different from most games we have played because you aren’t playing as an individual, but as a team. Your goal is to find the four Guardian Totems before the Volcano blows. If the players can get all the totems in time, they win. If the Volcano explodes before all four totems are retrieved, then the evil Tiki wins. The Tiki is an orange figure who stalks the game board and whom you have to avoid or risk being captured.

Volcano Island Countdown

Bridget and I decided to play as beginners and dealt out 7 tool cards each. You can increase the level of difficulty by dealing out less cards, but since we are newbies, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

When you roll the die, you can either get a number or see the Tiki symbol. When you roll a number, you can move in any direction up to the number that you rolled. So if I rolled  a 4, I could move 1 to 4 spaces in any direction. If you roll the Tiki symbol, you move the orange Tiki character instead of your own marker. The Tiki can only move on the Tiki squares and only in a clockwise direction. If the Tiki moves past a marker, then that person is captured and has to go to the Tiki Temple until someone rolls a Tiki symbol on the die.

All the while this is happening, the counter is ticking and the Volcano is playing a tribal sounding drumbeat. Bridget asked if we could turn the Volcano off, but I said we couldn’t because then we won’t know when the game ends.

Besides avoiding the Tiki character, the players’ goal is to make their way to the Obstacle Card location and use their Tool cards to complete the task. If they have the tools, they can complete the obstacle, and see if they were successful in retrieving a Guardian token which is found underneath obstacle.

The game is fast-paced as you race against the clock and finish everything before the volcano blows. You have about 30 minutes to get everything done. Bridget and I didn’t beat the Volcano though and it blew up. However, with time, I’m sure we will get better at the game and be able to beat the clock.

Volcano Island Countdown is recommended for ages 8+. Bridget had no problem understanding the rules and playing the game so I feel it was age appropriate for her and one she could play on her own with her friends. It’s SRP is $24.99 and it’s available in Canada only at Kmart, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart. Visit Spin Master Games to learn more!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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