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The Fine Color of RustTitle: The Fine Color of Rust: A Novel

Author: P.A. O’Reilly

My Review: 

The writing style took a little getting used. It would jump back and forth between the present and thoughts that Loretta would have which made it a bit confusing at first, but once I got a handle on it I really enjoyed The Fine Color of Rust.

Loretta is a spunky character full of self doubt yet also full determination. You can’t help but laugh at her sense of humor and the awkwardness that is her life. She captures the feel of every aspect of her life so that it was easy to picture the little pocket of the world that she lived in. Her relationship with her kids was so realistic which was refreshing. If Loretta was a real person she might not appreciate that very much, but it’s nice to see a realistic portrayal of a mother and daughter relationship after the father figure has walked out of their lives. The animosity that her daughter felt for her was palpable, as was the sweet and innocent nature of her son.

Merv was one of my favorite characters. He was one of two good friends that Loretta had in that small town and he acted like a father to her. I loved every scene that he was in and I felt the tug on my heart strings whenever there was a trial that he was having to face.

The end of the book felt like it came on a little fast to me. Almost like it all fell into her lap with a neat little bow on it when I expected it to take longer to get everything sorted out. At the same time, I was grateful that certain aspects of the story were wrapped up as nicely as they were while other parts were left open to the reader’s discretion. I like to think that Loretta’s world is just a few months away from being everything she had once hoped it would be. If there was a sequel, I would gladly dive back into Loretta’s world in her little town of Gunapan.

*I received a copy of this book to review but was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my own observations while reading this novel.*


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