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BeachesTitle: Beaches [Blu-ray]

On November 6th, 2012, Beaches starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, arrives on Blu-ray, digitally remastered.

When they are 11-years-old, CC Bloom (Mayim Bialik) and Hillary (Marcie Leeds) meet on the shore of Atlantic City. Hillary is a privileged rich girl who has lost her way back to her hotel, and CC Bloom is a fiery, ambitious girl trying to break into show business. Though the girls have next to nothing in common, they become friends in just an afternoon and agree to write to each other.

Decades later, Hillary (Barbara Hershey) turns her back on her family’s money and sets off to make her own destiny. With nowhere else to go, Hillary goes to New York City in search of CC Bloom (Bette Midler), her oldest and best friend. They become roommates, fight over a man, and eventually break up with one another.

CC continues sending letters to Hillary, hoping they can rekindle their friendship. Hillary ignores her, but eventually the two friends begin speaking to one another again. Their friendship is put to the ultimate test when one of the women receives a devastating piece of news.

I’m pretty sure I have never seen Beaches all the way through, but I remembered certain things about this movie that I would only know if perhaps I had seen it. I remembered the photo booth pictures and the song, “Wind Beneath My Wings”, most of all. If I had seen this movie, it was at an early age where most of the events which happened between these two women would be of no significance to me.

Now at 30, I understand the impact that this film can have on women. I have gone through my fair share of friendships that were toxic (yes, I truly believe that the friendship between these two women was not the best), and trying to hold onto one positive memory of the other person that made me forget all of the heartbreaking things that had happened between us, all the reasons why our friendship should not continue.

In the moments when it truly mattered, CC and Hillary were there for one another. I knew how Beaches was going to end, and even though I was prepared for it I couldn’t help but turn into a dripping wet mess of tears. I wasn’t ready for CC’s story to end; I wanted to know how she would go on and where her life would take her now that she had to be just a little bit less selfish.

Beaches is an adaptation of a book written by Iris Rainer Dart, a book I now really want to read. I also learned that Dart wrote a sequel to Beaches, so CC’s journey doesn’t end with just Beaches. I will most definitely be reading that book as well!

Wind Beneath My Wings

Bonus Features:

Beaches Bloopers Funny outtakes from the film

“Wind Beneath My Wings” Music Video with Bette Midler This song won the 1989 Grammy for Song of the Year and Record of the Year

Clip from AFI’s 100 Years…100 Songs with Bette Midler

Mayim Bialik Remembers Beaches Actress Mayim Bialik (CC Bloom at 11 years old) reflects on her experiences making this film

Barbara Hershey Screen Test Actress Barbara Hershey auditions for the role of Hillary

Audio Commentary Get behind-the-scenes info on Beaches with commentary from director Garry Marshall

*I received a product for review, but was not financially compensated for it. All thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.*

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