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Rock-A-Thigh Baby Review

I always thought that the cute thigh socks (or baby leggings as they are sometimes called) were only for girls. I see cute patterns everywhere for girls. I thought they looked cool but since I have a son, I never gave them much attention.

Then I heard about Rock-a-Thigh Baby. Rock-a-Thigh Baby was created by a Mom to four daughters who recognized the need for a sock that stayed on and stayed up. When I emailed with the owner Jen, she described her product as “sort of like a legwarmer with feet.” I like them because they can make a onesie look more like a full outfit. (I can’t be the only who thinks sometimes a onesie seems like not enough clothing, right?) But on a more functional note, they give easy diaper access while keeping legs and feet warm.

Something that is very cool about this brand is that they teamed up with Beco to make thigh socks that coordinate with Beco baby carriers. This is a fabulous idea and I know it will appeal to a lot of baby-wearing Moms! They also feature NCAA-licensed CollegeBound thigh socks. There are a lot of colleges listed, though the list was missing my alma mater (University of Central Florida) – I would snatch up a pair of those in a heartbeat!

So how did they work out on my little guy? Pretty well, actually! I especially liked that they had little rubbery grippers on the bottoms of the feet for walkers. Without them, I could see my son slipping and falling easily so that is a smart addition. I got the Chunky Monkey pair and they are adorable; they would pair beautifully with either a blue or brown onesie. They stayed up pretty well, but my son (16 months old) did try to pull at them. He didn’t take them off, but pulled them down a little below the knee. It’s pretty impressive that he didn’t pull them all the way off. My only piece of advice would be to offer more gender-neutral thigh socks, like teddy bears and ducks. Whenever I buy something for my son, I try to get things that I could use for future children. I would have preferred one of those, even though I do love the Chunky Monkey print.

Most of the thigh socks are $14, though the Beco and CollegeBound socks are $16. You can buy them directly from the website (worldwide shipping) or from a number of retailers across the U.S., Canada and even Mexico.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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