People Like Us Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Review

Title: People Like Us (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Although People Like Us just came out on Bluray/DVD combo pack on October 2nd, I have heard people talking about this movie for months. Since I have a 4-year-old and my husband and I prefer not to use babysitters, we don’t make it to movies very often unless they are something appropriate for our daughter. She is only just getting interested in the whole theater experience, and I am almost always the one who takes her. The day my copy of People Like Us arrived was definitely an exciting day–and once I sat down to watch it, I could immediately see why everyone couldn’t stop talking about it.

Sam (Chris Pine) did everything he could to avoid attending his father’s funeral, but couldn’t find the words to explain to his girlfriend Hannah (Olivia Wilde) the mixed feelings that he has regarding his father’s death. Sam brings Hannah home for the first time, sticking her in the middle of unspoken words between himself and his mother, Lillian (Michelle Pfeiffer).

While Sam is struggling with his emotions and memories of his father, he is also in danger of losing his job for a small mistake that he made. He learns that his father has entrusted him to deliver $150,000 to a “Josh Davis” (Michael Hall D’Addario), someone that he has never heard of before. Sam is angry because he could really use that money to get out of debt. Curious about who Josh Davis might be, Sam goes to the address on the note his father left him and observes a troubled young boy and his struggling single mom, Frankie (Elizabeth Banks).

Without revealing who he is to Frankie, Sam becomes an important part of their lives. He bonds with both Frankie and Josh, knowing how they are connected to one another while sharing intimate details about his relationship with his father and listening to Frankie’s stories about her father. But will their new bond be strong enough to last when (or if) Sam finally tells Frankie who he is?

I’d been reading reviews and checking out all of the posts relating to People Like Us, so I wasn’t expecting it to pack as much of an emotional punch as it did when I finally saw it. In fact, I managed to make it nearly the whole way through the film with no tears up until the amazing ending. I’ll say that there are a few seemingly insignificant details that I picked up on throughout the movie, so I was expecting the exact ending that we got–and loved it!

Sam and Frankie have led very different lives, but they are the only two people who could understand what it was like to be Jerry’s child. I felt that Sam definitely had the better life overall, but it had turned him into a person I had a hard time liking. It was only when Sam and Frankie became friends that I began to change my mind about Sam, believing that he would do the right thing and give Frankie the money for his nephew’s future.

I am an only child who always wanted a brother or a sister to share things with. Even so, I could still relate to either Sam or Frankie in certain circumstances. I think that anyone who watches this movie will find at least one character or scenario that will hit home for them. This was easily one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time, and I will watch it again.

Bonus Features:

Number One With A Bullet: The Story Behind People Like Us Writers Alex Kurman and Jody Lambert discuss the the 7 years that it took them to write this film. Alex Kurman was inspired by his own family’s story; he grew up knowing that his father had two other children, whom he had never met. Then a woman approached him at a party once and introduced herself as his sister. They have been close ever since.

Feature Commentary Watch People Like Us with commentary from Alex Kurtzman, Chris Pine, and Elizabeth Banks throughout the entire film.

Select Scene Commentary Choose the scene(s) you’d like to watch with commentary from Alex Kurtzman, Chris Pine, and Elizabeth Banks.

Taco Talk Much of the footage shot during the taco scene with Frankie and Sam was actually improvised. This feature contains some of the footage they had to cut from the finished film.

Deleted and Extended Scenes Director/writer Alex Kurtzman provides a brief introduction to deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the film, as well as scenes that had more to them, but were sized down.

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