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Jonathan Park The Copper Scroll Vol. VIII Audio Adventure Review

I was very excited to introduce my family to the newest Jonathan Park audio adventures in The Copper Scroll Vol. VIII. My children and I love that this adventure series is based on Creation science! It features Jonathan Park and the Creation Response Team who in this audio drama series are solving archeological mysteries and uncovering ancient artifacts around the world.

The Copper Scroll Vol. VIII has 12 episodes and over 5 hours of intriguing radio drama on a set of 4 cd’s. The Copper Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls is described as the “second scroll that contains important clues about where vast treasures are hidden”. Jonathan Park and his friends believe that they have uncovered the “key” to finding the location of this biblical treasure. Will they face opposition from their nemesis, Myles Morgan……..or will they be able to find the treasure?

My seven year old son absolutely loves the Jonathan Park adventures and was captivated and engaged with every episode of The Copper Scroll. He listens to it in the evening before bed, while drawing quietly at school and even during long car rides. Even his younger siblings sit quietly and listen when the audio is playing. They get really excited when they hear about the places, people and stories they are learning about in bible study and my son will actually get out his bible and “investigate” what he is learning from the Jonathan Park Adventure Series.

Vision Forum has many different Jonathan Park audio adventures available for children of all ages to enjoy and I am thrilled to have discovered this Christian based series for my own children. In fact, these are great gift ideas for Christmas and I have my eye on The Adventure Begins and The Voyage Beyond for my son, Adam.

If you are looking for a biblical based action-adventure series that is sure to thrill children (and even grownups who are listening too) then Jonathan Park-The Copper Scroll is available for purchase for only $25 for the entire set! You are invited to visit Vision Forum to purchase it or to learn more about Jonathan Park and The Creation Response Team.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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