Make Your Vote Count in the Aviva Community Fund Charity Contest

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What would you do to improve your local community? I have mentioned in the past that I live in a very small town in the Annapolis Valley, NS and we are in need of a community centre. If I had the funds that is what I would build for our area. That’s one of the reasons why I really appreciate the Aviva Community Fund and what it does for communities like mine across Canada.

The Aviva Community Fund’s goal is to help influence positive change in communities all over the country. Every year they host a contest where Canadians can submit their ideas of what they would do to improve their community. It makes perfect sense because the citizens of a community know what they need for their local area vs. a person/company who doesn’t live there.

For example, if you weren’t a resident of my town, you wouldn’t see as easily as me that we don’t have many programs for residents of our community and how much a community centre would benefit people here.

Vote in the Aviva Community Fund Charity Contest

Your voice matters to communites across Canada! Right now is the voting phase of the Aviva Community Charity Contest where a total of $1,000,000 will be divided up among the winning ideas from the communities.

You can vote during each of the Qualifying Rounds and Semi-Finals and are allowed to cast 15 votes during each of the three Qualifying Rounds as well as another 15 votes during the Semi-Finals. You can only vote once per day on each idea. Make sure you look at all the submissions and vote for your favourites! Once you submit a vote, you can’t take it back.

Voting is simple. Register on Aviva Community Fund and click “Vote Now” on the ideas you like. If you prefer, you can vote through Facebook Connect through the Voting App found on the Aviva Community Fund Facebook page.

Canadian citizens and residents of Canada are eligible to vote. I encourage you to make your voice count and help out local Canadian communities by casting your votes for your favourite ideas.

Stacie Vaughan

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