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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review


  1. i havent seen the trailer but i would love to win…

  2. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like this movie and your review cemented that. Abraham Lincoln was in my opinion one of the USA’s best presidents and this movie just seems to sit wrong with me.

  3. I couldn’t even grasp the concept of this movie from the title. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be going for a horror movie or a spoof. I always hope for the best, but it sounds like this movie will be a flop. I dislike when the character is suddenly able to take on everyone and fight like a ninja. Too bad. I am ready for some good scary movies.

  4. <3 this movie

  5. I have not seen this movie yet. I am still on the fence about even watching it, but thank you for the input. I like seeing what others think of a movie before I watch it myself.

  6. Thank You For Your Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review.
    I Am Sorry You Didn’t Like It But I Will Still Watch It.
    I Won’t Rent It I’ll Just Wait Till It Comes On Movie Central.

  7. I am also not a history buff, especially US history so I doubt I will like it either, but I am willing to give it a try… maybe when it is available at the library for a free rental. 🙂 Thanks for the review!


  9. I don’t know if this movie would appeal to me even though I love vampire movies. Just the thought of Abraham Lincoln being a vampire doesn’t really make much sense to me to be honest. After reading your review I am sure it’s not for me though I am a huge Tim Burton fan.

  10. after the review I believe this movie wouldn’t be for me; thanks for your honest opinion

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