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Too Sexy Jeans Review

After losing about 15 lbs., I found myself in need of some new clothes. Over the past year, I have slowly been building up my wardrobe with fun and flirty clothing styles that flatter my new figure.

I was very excited for the opportunity to work with Too Sexy Jeans, a Florida based company that carries everything from denim to sexy dresses at affordable prices. I was able to select two items of my choice from Too Sexy Jeans, so I decided to choose one piece for special occasions (I often attend live theatre productions, and my friends and I always dress up for them) and another piece for casual wear since I have a young daughter and a few times a week we head outside to play.

I was a little nervous with the dress I selected because of my height. At 5’3”, it’s often very challenging for me to find the right fit because of not only length, but also the fit in the bust are. I knew the dress I chose might be tricky for me because of the belt as well. I didn’t realize that the belt was built into the dress and that I wouldn’t be able to adjust the dress. Unfortunately, the dress did not work out for me because of my bust and a few unwanted pounds in my stomach. However, it looks fabulous on my best friend, as you can see from this picture. She and I are the same height and around the same weight, but she is more fit than I am and also has a much larger bust. I would recommend Too Sexy Jeans’ Knit Draped Dress with Lace Back ($29.95) for a woman with a larger bust and toned curves. Sara adores this dress, and cannot wait to wear it to our next girls’ night out or theatre event!

Camisoles are one of my favorite types of clothing; I wear them all year round. In colder weather, I layer them with sweaters or hoodies so that I won’t freeze. They look great with jeans or shorts, but can also be dressed up with a skirt. I chose the Mint Striped Spaguetti Top ($12.00), and I absolutely love it! I was a little nervous because this particular top is One Size Fits All. I currently weigh anywhere between 135 and 138 lbs., and this particular top is perfect for my always fluctuating weight. After I tried it on, I immediately got back online to check out the other cami tops on Too Sexy Jeans. I’ve got a mental wish list of things I want to order as soon as I shed those last few unwanted pounds.

The next time that I’m ready to go on a huge clothes shopping spree, I will definitely be checking out the latest styles at Too Sexy Jeans. If you want to look cute and fashionable without breaking the bank, this should be your go to online store.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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