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Join us for the Dempsters #SandwichIt Twitter Party on 9/12 8-9 pm EST

We are three days into the new school year soon and I’m brainstorming ideas lunch ideas for the kids. The sandwich is a staple in their lunch bags and has been since they first started school. Normally, it’s the same thing- meat and cheese, but I’ve been thinking of ways to make their lunchtime sandwich exciting and different! I’ve been turning to Pinterest, my favourite food blogs and the Dempsters Facebook page for inspiration!

One idea that never crossed my mind that before was turning yesterday’s leftovers into a tasty sandwich! The Dempsters Facebook page is featuring a recipe right now for a BBQ Sausage & Pepper Sandwich that looks sooooo good! They are suggesting that you take last night’s leftovers and “SandwichIt”. Makes perfect sense to me!

I’m thinking of what we had for supper this past week and how they would be as a sandwich (with Dempsters bread of course!). How does a Steak with Grilled Mushrooms & Onions sandwich sound? Or how about a sandwich with Ham & Grilled Pineapple? The possibilities are endless!

I invite you to join us on September 12 at 8pm EST for a Dempsters #SandwichIt Twitter Party where we will be chatting about this very topic! 

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