Under the Tuscan Sun Blu-ray Review

Diane Lane portrays a hurting divorcée who buys a 200-year-old villa in Tuscany while on vacation to mend her broken heart in Under the Tuscan Sun, now on blu-ray as of July 3rd, 2012. Under the Tuscan Sun is loosely based on the bestselling travelogue/memoir by San Franciscan writer Frances Mayes.

I remember seeing Under the Tuscan Sun at the theatre and falling in love with the beautiful scenery of Tuscany; it is just as much a character in the film as Frances Mayes (Diane Lane). Though Frances can barely afford the villa, she puts every cent she has left over from her divorce into restoring the villa to its former glory while making a few alterations of her own design.

Along the way, she is helped by a kindly realtor (Vincent Riotta), an eccentric group of workers, and a free-spirited woman named Katherine (Lindsay Duncan), who encourages Frances to stop sulking and to find her happiness. Lust and love also cross Frances’s path, whether or not she is ready to embrace it.

Under the Tuscan Sun is not a fast paced movie for those or even a romantic comedy; expect a sweet story about a down on her luck woman who is working to make a new life for herself. Just like in real life, the main character has to stop feeling sorry for herself and move past the crying stages before she can be happy. It’s worth watching for Diane Lane’s performance, but also for the setting as well as some of the side stories, especially the one involving her young immigrant friend, Pawel (Pawel Szajda), who falls in love with a girl whose parents would not approve of him.

If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you may appreciate seeing Sandra Oh and Kate Walsh portraying two of Frances’s friends from San Francisco. And if you loved Gilmore Girls, there is an all too brief scene with David Sutcliffe, whom I wish had had a larger role in this film.

Under the Tuscan Sun is the perfect romantic film to watch when you need to be reminded of all of the wonderful things in your life, or how to find what you are missing. It’s something to watch on a girls’ night in with your best friends because it captures the essence of friendship perfectly, as well as new love and new beginnings.

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Bonus Features:

Deleted Scenes-clips from the movie that did not make the final cut, including one where Frances uncovers a beautiful fresco that has been painted over.

Tuscany 101 Making of Featurette– Diane Lane, Frances Mayes, Raoul Bova, and Audrey Wells discuss the film and show behind the scene footage from the filming of the movie.

Audio Commentary-Turn on this setting so that you can watch the film while getting behind the scenes information from Producer/Writer/Director Audrey Wells.

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