Phenomenon Blu-ray Review

On August 1, 2012, you can bring home the magic and romance of one of John Travolta’s best films (in my opinion, anyway!!) with Disney/Touchstone’s Phenomenon on Blu-ray.

John Travolta portrays George Malley, a small town mechanic who becomes a genius overnight after being struck by a bright light in the sky that no one else in his town witnessed. Before he was hit, George was just a regular guy of average intelligence, well liked by everyone in his town. After the hit, George became hungry for knowledge, devouring book and book, unable to get a wink of sleep because his mind was so busy.

George soon realizes that he can do extraordinary things, like learn almost the whole language of Portuguese in less than 20 minutes, and move objects just by willing them to do so. A few people still see George as the man that he was before the light struck, but others seem to fear George and what he might be capable of doing. All George wants to be is the same guy he has always been, and he has a seemingly difficult time convincing many people he is still that man.

Phenomenon is a fantastic movie due to its realistic and unforgettable characters, not only John Travolta’s George Malley, but also Kyra Sedgwick as George’s love interest (Lace Pennamin), Forest Whitaker as George’s best friend (Nate Pope), and Robert Duvall as George’s father figure (Doc Brunder). Considering what this movie is about, it might surprise some that special effects are not a larger part of it. Once you see it, though, this movie will keep your interest because you care about George and what is happening to him and become caught up in how both his friends and acquaintances begin to treat him once he gains powers that they do not understand.

I don’t remember if I saw this one in theatres or if Phenomenon was one that I rented for a high school sleepover, but I was thrilled to be reintroduced to this movie since it has been well over a decade since I had seen it last. It’s easily one of my favorite John Travolta movies (so help me, but I also love him in Grease), and one that I would recommend to anyone interested in “slice of life” films with characters who you’ll love.

George Names Mammals (This is one of my favorite scenes from the film, and also has Brent Spiner of Star Trak: TNG in it!)

Bonus Features:

Original Theatrical Trailer–It’s fun to watch this and see how this movie was originally promoted. If I had known nothing of this film and saw the trailer, I would still definitely want to see this film.

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