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Grilling Up a Storm | Butterball Turkey Franks Review

Over the next few months, I will be talking turkey thanks to Butterball Canada. I’ll be sharing with you reviews on Butterball products, recipes, Twitter parties and more! I love doing my recipe posts and have a few planned over the next few months that I think you are going to really love.

A few months ago, if you would have asked me what came to mind when I thought of Butterball, I would immediately picture our Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey that my mom made every year without fail. It’s a family tradition for us to enjoy turkey with all the fixins’ during the holidays. My mom always made the best turkey and her homemade gravy was divine!  However, I did not realize that Butterball had other products besides this traditional holiday bird! In fact, they have many products that I can use for our meals that don’t require it to be a special occasion.

Since its the summer and it’s hot, I do quite a bit of grilling. It’s fast, easy to clean up and the taste can’t be beat. It’s one of my favourite ways to cook a meal. I’m on a diet where I eat a lot of protein so I eat a lot of meat.  On my shopping trip to our local grocery store, I made a point of seeing what other Butterball products were available. I picked up some Turkey Bacon (watch for an upcoming recipe post with my Turkey Bacon Frittata) and a package of Turkey Franks. I know Butterball has Turkey Burgers too, but I couldn’t find any at that particular store. I really want to try them too!

I whipped up some turkey franks aka turkey hotdogs the other night for supper and was astonished how quickly they were gobbled up. I really should have purchased two packages!

Butterball Turkey Franks are made with turkey meat and contain no beef or pork. They have less fat than beef and pork weiners and are also lactose free. There’s also no MSG.  They come in a package of 8 weiners. I paid about $4.99 for the package at our local Atlantic Superstore.

You cook them the way you would a regular hotdog. I love mine grilled so I put ours on our indoor grill for about 5 minutes. There was literally no grease either! Normally the George Foreman catches any run off fat, but there was none when I cooked the turkey franks! You could also cook them on an outdoor barbecue, boil them in water, microwave, bake them, etc. There’s so many ways to cook them, but grilling is the best in my opinion.  They came out perfectly cooked, hot and ready to eat. I served ours on hotdog buns with a little bit of ketchup and mustard. Pair it up with a nice side salad or some Kettle chips and you have a delicious summer meal for both the kids and adults alike.

I know you are probably wondering about the taste right? They were DELICIOUS! I cannot say enough good things about these franks and they had a wonderful taste and texture. I ate mine without the bun dipped in mustard since I’m watching my carbs and they were soooooooo yummy! I want more!

I recommend picking up a package of the Butterball’s Turkey Franks on your next shopping trip and see what you think. There’s still a few weeks left of summer so take advantage of grilling season while it’s still here!

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