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Go Back to School Online with Visa Canada

It’s hard to believe it but summer is almost over. I swear summers seemed longer when I was growing up! Many Canadian parents (myself included) find themselves now in the midst of back to school shopping. I’ve started my back to school shopping for my two girls, but haven’t gone to any local stores as of yet! I actually got a good chunk of my list purchased all online and had my purchases delivered right to my doorstep! Normally, I would make the one hour drive to the closest Walmart and just do all the back to shopping in one shot. This year though, I said forget the chaos and craziness of a busy store and I wanted to get the majority of shopping done online. I live in a rural area so the drive is long and boring (and expensive on gas for my car).

Olivia is going into grade 9 and Bridget is going into grade 3. I know the basics of what they need like backpacks, lunch bags, paper, binders, etc. I’m waiting till school starts to buy anything specific that they need. My mom bought the kids a bunch of clothes for school while they were visiting her this summer in Ontario. That was a HUGE help! Thanks Mom!!

The girls both needed new backpacks and lunch bags so I decided to see what kind of deals I could find online. I always pay with my Visa Card for my online purchases for a few different reasons. The first one being that I feel more secure using my Visa. I know that if something were to happen I could always call Visa and talk to an actual person. I also earn rewards on my Visa so I often just use it to get the points and then pay it off right away. It’s also very convenient since most sites accept Visa, but not all sites accept Paypal. And finally, I like the! is Visa Canada’s way of making the online shopping experience even more enjoyable for Canadians. You can find special offers and exclusive coupons at many of your favourite stores like Adidas, Foxy Originals, Bentley and more. I like how Visa is very focused on security and fraud prevention. I’ve had to use the “Verified by Visa” step on many of my recent purchases.

I decided to hit up Bentley via because they have a coupon code for 15% off your purchase of $50 or more when you pay with your Visa card.  I bought both my girls a backpack, lunch bag and pencil case.

Bridget’s supplies


Olivia’s supplies

I saved $17.69 and also got free shipping!

Back to School Canadian Facts & Figures

Visa Canada recently commissioned a survey to learn about the back to school shopping habits of Canadians. I think you will find the results interesting!

  • Canadians are expected to spend $677 on back to school shopping with 72% of shoppers planning to do their shopping online.
  • 22% of Canadians said the number one stress reliever during back to school season is shopping online.
  • Canadians plan to keep the majority of their online spend within Canadian borders (72%) compared to 83%  in-store purchases.
  • Clothing is considered the most important item when getting ready for the new school year (43%), with books trailing behind (26%) and computers and computer-related items at 17%.
  • Prairie residents plan to spend the most online ($316) with 68% of their shopping to be made at Canadian online retailers.
  • Canadians are also willing to spend proportionately more ($500+) on electronics including computers, software, tablets and Smartphones.

I’m not surprised at all by the high number of Canadians who are shopping online. The crowds and line-ups are a huge pain and if you live far from a store like I do, why not go online? It’s easy and convenient and SAVES TIME!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Stacie Vaughan

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