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Tuesday’s Top Blogs According to Untrained Hair Mom

Welcome to Tuesday’s Top Blogs! Come and discover some new and interesting blogs. Each week I will feature a different person and ask them to list their five favourite blogs and why they like them. This week, I’m pleased to have Brooke from Untrained Hair Mom joining us.

My website features kids hairstyles, natural product reviews and home and natural remedy information. My daughter is biracial with lots of curly hair and it was a struggle to take care if it until I learned how to do it properly. I share natural hair care tips, products and cute hairstyles for kids, a lot of the hairstyles we do can also be appropriate for adults and people with straight or curly hair.

Favourite blogs…

Multicultural Familia: This online magazine is full of information and resources for families.

Howard House Reviews: This blog has great reviews on products ranging from beauty to kids to home, I love their reviews and giveaways.

Hybrid Rasta Mama: This is my go to site for information on parenting, natural living, holistic health, healthy food, fitness and wellness.

One Smiley Monkey: This blog has the best and cutest product reviews and giveaways for toddlers. The little monkey featured on this blog is the same age as my son, so everything on the site I can relate to.

MamaNYC: This blog has great blogging tips, resources and information, I find her tips very helpful. She does some fun reviews and giveaways that I enjoy as well.

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