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Top 10 Best Selling Genesis Themes for June 2012

StudioPress just released its top 10 best selling themes for the month of June.  I have the Family Tree theme and it didn’t make the list!

1. AgentPress Theme: “AgentPress helps industry savvy real estate agents like you build a better business with its intuitive design, powerful functionality, and smart listings.” I’m not a fan of this one. It wouldn’t suit a blog like mine. Check out this example of a blog with the AgentPress Theme.

2. eleven40 Theme: “Designed to wow your audience at first glance, the eleven40 theme gives you unprecedented spaciousness to show off your best content.” This one is ok and I like that it’s mobile responsive. I bet it could be nice after its customized. Check out an example of a blog with the eleven40 Theme.

3. Agency Theme: “Represent your professional services with confidence and clarity by harnessing the stream-lined professionalism of the Agency theme.” This one would be a good theme for a static website or a business blog. Check out an example of a blog with the Agency Theme.

4. Adorable Theme: “Go ahead, stand out from the crowd and let your originality move you to the front of the line. The bold, sleek styling and colorful, contemporary design of the Adorable theme makes remarkable blogging in a crowded world a snap.”  This one is definitely more my style! It’s fun and cute and I love that it’s more feminine. Check out this example of a blog with the Adorable theme.

5. Lifestyle Theme:Stylish online publishing has never been so easy than with the bright, magazine-style frame and amazing flexibility of the Lifestyle theme.”  I’ve always been a fan of this theme and know a lot of bloggers who use it. I was even considering this one when I was contemplating changing my theme. Check out an example of a blog with the Lifestyle Theme.

6. Balance Theme: “The evenly weighted, minimalist design of the Balance theme gives you the best of form and function, with a responsive frame that’s built for any kind of communication.” This theme lets your content shine through.  It’s not one I would choose for myself.

7. News Theme:  “When you have readers and customers who are always hungry for more, deliver it in style with the publishing powerhouse News theme. News theme supports all of the great articles, audio and video of your content-heavy site, with eye-popping design and simple navigation.” I actually like this one! The layouts are different and interesting. Check out an example of a blog with the News Theme.

8. Generate Theme: “In the end, it all comes down to your list. Your email list. If you need to generate more and better email leads, you need web design that specifically supports that goal. The Generate theme aims all the power and flexibility of Genesis at your most important asset. It’s designed to elegantly lead your site traffic to one action – join the email list.” I only started building my list last year and I can see how this theme would help with the huge banner above the fold. Check out an example of a blog with the Generate Theme.

9. Associate Theme: “It’s not personal, it’s business. Your company’s image is on the line hundreds or thousands of times every day. Give your prospects and customers the precise first impression you want them to have…”. This one is definitely more of a company blog style! Check out this example of a blog with the Associate Theme.

10. Prose Theme: “The Prose theme for WordPress is the premier online publisher’s website solution. Its point-and-click design controls allow you to effortlessly change almost any aspect of your site without touching a single line of code.” I’ve seen quite a few blogs with the Prose theme and some are really nice! I love the clean layout and the fact that it’s easy to change your design is a great feature to have! Check out an example of a blog with the Prose Theme.

Out of these ten themes, which one is your favourite?

Stacie Vaughan

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