The Three Stooges DVD Review

Title: The Three Stooges: The Movie

I have to state upfront that I have no past experience with the original Three Stooges, and decided to watch this film mostly because I love Jane Lynch (Glee) and wanted to see her act in something besides what I know her for. The Three Stooges is not typically a movie that I would watch, and I definitely surprised my husband when he walked into the living room and I was watching it. The original Stooges are known for slapstick comedy, and I’d have to say most of my experience with that type of comedy comes from old television shows such as I Love Lucy or maybe even Gilligan’s Island, though these shows I feel are more centered around an actual plot than comedic acts.

The Three Stooges of 2012 stars Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, and Chris Diamantopoulos (Larry, Curly, and Mo, respectively) and begins with their childhood at an orphanage run by nuns. The three boys are dropped off at the orphanage as babies (I’m assuming they are brothers, but again–I’m not an expert on the Stooges), and remain at the orphanage throughout their adulthood. As a pre-teen, Moe had an opportunity to get adopted, but because he was unwilling to leave Curly and Larry behind, the young couple took him back to the orphanage and exchanged him for a cute, curly-haired blonde boy named Teddy.

The Stooges leave the orphanage for what seems like the first time ever when they learn that it doesn’t have the money it requires to stay open. They take it upon themselves to come up with the money the nuns need to keep from getting shut down. They meet Lydia (Sophia Vergara), who is willing to pay them the money if they agree to kill her husband. The Stooges attempt to fulfill her request, but only get themselves into some really funny situations. They also run into a grown-up Teddy (Kirby Heyborne), and realize that he might be able to help them out monetarily since he is wealthy.

Surprisingly to me, The Three Stooges had a fairly entertaining story. I was not as receptive as others may be to the slapstick comedy; I’m just not sure that the trademark stooges antics work as well in our modern setting, especially since the main story arc involving the orphanage was enough to carry the movie for me on its own.

My favorite side story involved some of the orphans at the orphanage the Stooges are attempting to save; I loved watching how one cute little boy got his perfect family. I was less appreciative of Jersey Shore being such a huge part in this movie; I don’t watch the show, and only know of its “actors” from tabloids, but I can’t stand them. Any scene that they were in was not enjoyable for me to watch. They are also quite the contrast to The Three Stooges, but even I have to admit that it was fairly entertaining to see Moe become a series regular on Jersey Shore.

The Three Stooges is a really light-hearted movie, one best watched when you are in the mood for something silly and playful. Don’t expect much depth to it, but be forewarned that there are a few sweet and cheesy scenes that might tug a little on your heartstrings.

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