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SuperSkivvies Review

My son just turned two, so it has begun. The gateway to potty training. I am so excited. (Read that in my sarcastic voice.) I am horrified! How do you potty train a boy? I honestly have no idea. The thing I am most worried about is diapers. We’ve been cloth diapering CJ since he was born. I didn’t want to all of a sudden start using disposable pull-ups. I thought that would be even more confusing and would be a step backwards. Part of potty training is that the child recognizes when he or she feels wet. Switching from cloth to disposables could change how well CJ recognizes that he’s wet. So I was very perplexed as to how to go forward.

Then I found out about SuperSkivvies! SuperSkivvies are cloth training pants. Since they are cloth, your child knows sooner when they are wet. This will help them get used to the feeling and to know sooner when they have to go. This is helpful when potty training or if you are dealing with a bed-wetting issue.

SuperSkivvies have a removable insert, similar to some cloth diapers. Once your child is completely potty trained, you can remove the insert and the SuperSkivvies can be used as regular underwear. SuperSkivvies are made of sustainable materials and contain no chemicals. They are made cotton, bamboo, and elastic. You can wash these with your regular laundry, no need to treat specially.

Steph over at SuperSkivvies let me pick out the size and pattern I wanted to review. I chose a guitar pattern because CJ is obsessed with guitars. He calls them “gah”. As soon as he saw these he started yelling “gah!gah!gah!”. I got the size small, and they fit a little snug. He weighs 27 lbs. As he grows, I’ll get him the bigger sizes, espcially now that he’s showing an interest in potty training.

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