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The Road to Adoption: Choices A Mother Makes #IHTB

Making the decision to give a baby up for adoption must be one of the hardest choices a mother could ever make. I have great respect for these women. I think the choice must have been excruciatingly difficult and one that is not made lightly.

I became a mom at a young age and at one point did consider adoption as one of my options. I was 19 years old, unmarried and in my first year of university when I discovered I was pregnant. Of course, the shock set in right away and I was terrified. I still relied on my parents for financial support and I was not at all ready to be a mom. I struggled for months with what to do and was considering adoption as one of my options. I wanted my baby to have a good, stable life and I also wanted to pursue my own dreams. It was an emotional and painful time for me and I did a lot of soul searching. In the end, I decided to keep my baby and leave university to raise her. It was the right choice for me. Because of my past experience, I empathize with women going through the same type of journey themselves. It IS a personal choice and everyone will have different reasons for deciding to give their baby to a new family.

Whatever a mom’s reason to decide to pursue adoption, I will not judge. I know that they are putting the best interest of their child first and for that, they are courageous women that I admire and respect. Even though, I did not pursue adoption with my first pregnancy, I was touched by adoption a few years later. As an adult, my husband discovered he was adopted and that his birth mother was the woman he grew knowing as his aunt. We talked to his birth mother and discovered her reasons for giving up her babies (she had twins). She was a 15 year old single mom raising twin boys while still going to school and holding down a job to support her young family. After two years, however, she felt her best wasn’t good enough. She was struggling financially and life was very hard. She made the decision to give her babies up for a private adoption within the family and her older brother and his wife adopted them at the age 2.

Each person’s story is different, but there seems to be a common theme among moms choosing adoption: a better life for their child. In some cases, like my husband, adoption was the greatest gift he ever received. He had wonderful parents who did an excellent job raising him. That one selfless decision his birth mother made was the best one she could have made at that time in her life.

Has your life been touched by adoption? Please share your thoughts, opinions and experiences in the comments below.


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