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Paci-Plushies with Soothie Pacifier Review

I had heard of Paci-Plushies before this review and was excited to try them out. We have been using the Wubbanub brand for months with my 14-month old son and while I love them, I liked that you could swap out pacifiers with the Paci-Plushies.

So what is it? Paci-Plushies are the ONLY detachable pacifier holder that allows you to use multiple popular brand infant pacifiers – over two hundred varieties! But they are more than pacifier holders; they are adorable stuffed animals that your baby will love. They are perfect for nighttime because they are soothing and the animal is much easier for a baby to find and put in his or her mouth (compared to just a tiny pacifier) when they are still developing fine motor skills.

The big difference between the Wubbanub and the Paci-Plushies is that the Wubbanub has a Soothie pacifier permanently attached at the mouth of the stuffed animal while the Paci-Plushies have a pacifier holder where you can clip pacifiers on and off. There are a couple of main benefits to this difference. For one, you can use almost ANY pacifier. Odds are, the pacifier you use will work with the Paci-Plushies. With Wubbanub, you are limited to the Soothie pacifier (the one most hospitals give out). You can also easily remove and clean/sanitize the pacifiers with the Paci-Plushies, a huge bonus! And finally, the Paci-Plushies will be great when you want to transition off of pacifiers all together. Simply remove the pacifier, and let your little one sleep or cuddle with the stuffed animal. This is so wonderful because your child will already associate the stuffed animal with comfort. We are not transitioning off of pacifiers yet in our house (though I know the day will have to come soon), so I can’t attest to how well this works. However, just knowing it could help with that transition is a big plus for me.

We decided to use the Soothie pacifier because it is recommended for breastfeeding moms. Even though I recently stopped breastfeeding, this is the pacifier my son knows and loves so we are sticking with it. This is important to note because the Soothie pacifier used to not be compatible with the Paci-Plushies, but now they are! That being said, I noticed that the Soothie is not very secure while attached to the Paci-Plushies. I contacted the company to ensure I was attaching it correctly. Stacy Dallman, the president of Paci-Plushies, responded with this reply:

I’m not sure why the Tab on the Soothie Pacifier would come out so easily. Normally they stay put unless you have a very active baby who plays with the pacifier and pulls the tab out.

Four of my nephews currently use the Soothie with Paci-Plushies and there are no problems at all with the Tab slipping out. Sometimes my 11 month old nephew pulls the pacifier out on his own but the pacifier does not slip out unless he is pulling at it. The other three babies don’t bother with pulling the pacifier out of the Hug Ring at all.

Truth be told, I DO have a very active baby and he very quickly learned how to take the pacifier out of the “hug ring.” This was disappointing as it means I wouldn’t let my son sleep with it. (I don’t let him sleep in his crib with just a pacifier because he folds up the Soothie in his mouth and I’m afraid of the choking risk. I realize not all babies do this so it may not be a concern for other moms). It is probably a non-issue with younger babies.

All in all, this is a great product. I would definitely recommend it but with a note that you should test our your pacifier in the hug ring before buying. We still use it as a comfort toy in the car and my son plays with it and chews on the hug ring all the time! They retail for $14.95 with international availability and you can buy them directly from the Paci-Plushies website. You can also connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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