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Made From Earth Review

I was lucky enough to test out a bunch of goodies by Made From Earth, a company that specializes in organic skin care products. As a Mom to a toddler, I have become very conscious about the foods we eat as a family and I try to get organic foods whenever I can. I haven’t even thought about skin care products! But it seems like a no-brainer – all of the reasons I want organic foods also apply to organic skin care. Just like I don’t want to digest harmful chemicals, I don’t want them on my skin either.

Here’s what I learned from Made From Earth: A lot of skin care products contain synthetic chemicals like parabens, including companies that use organic ingredients. What happens is organic ingredients are mixed with chemicals for preservation. I am always leery of the organic marketing labels and this just confirmed it! Thankfully, Made From Earth uses a natural preservative system to avoid the chemicals.

I’ll add a note or two about each of the specific products I used:

pH Equilibrant Moisturizer (currently on sale for $11.00): This was a great moisturizer. It felt a little heavy going on but it surprisingly dried quickly and I love how it made my face feel. I do wish it offered sun protection as I think that is a must for daily moisturizers.

Grapefruit Glycolic Wash ($29.99): I LOVE this stuff! The smell is intoxicating and it actually smelled more like orange than grapefruit to me (either way, it is delicious). The little scrubbers made my face feel so soft each time I used it.

Oatmeal Spice Soap ($6.50): The oatmeal spice soap is currently in my shower and I use it daily. It’s not your typical bar soap; it’s thick and substantial and isn’t wearing down easily like most soap bars. It has scrubbers (ground oatmeal) on it that feel wonderful for exfoliating. The smell reminds me of fall (my favorite time of year!).

Lemongrass Tea Grass Soap ($4.99): This soap provides a “citrus blast” that will brighten your mood any day! For me, it brings me back to a romantic Key West vacation my husband and I took years ago. Summery fresh and fun!

Olive Night Crème ($39.99): I am wearing this right now as I type up the review! For me, this is only an occasional night crème as I don’t have very dry skin and it is meant as a “deep” moisturizer. I put it on when I want to feel fancy (a stay-at-home-mom needs fancy moments wherever she can get them!). Very luxurious.

Blueberry Lip Balm ($3.99): I like how this felt on my lips – very moist! The blueberry flavor was very unique and a welcome change from traditional flavors.

Citrus Fresh Lip Balm ($3.99): While I liked the blueberry flavor, I prefer the citrus fresh. It reminds me of the lemongrass tea feeling. I think you need to wear a pair of flip flops to match this flavor! It is a nice burst of flavor.

Holistic Honey Body Lotion ($22.99): I admit, I don’t moisturize my body as often as I should. But with this product, I can make it part of my daily routine! It smells very natural, like tree bark (but in a good way). You can tell it’s different than other lotions. To test it, I put it on only one leg and left the other one dry. What a difference! My skin really sucked in the moisture and it feels baby soft. This stuff is awesome in a bottle.

Vitamin E + Citrus Shower Gel ($9.99): This is another product with a delicious smell! There is just something about those citrus smells that make me feel rejuvenated. I love that this is jam-packed with vitamins to help keep my skin healthy. It is more “liquidy” than I am used to with traditional shower gel, so you might want to use a washcloth instead of a loofah.

You can buy any of the products listed above from the Made From Earth website, and it is available in U.S. and Canada.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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