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How to Auto Tweet Your Blog Posts

Last year I reviewed the Social Media Dashboard, MarketMeSuite. I used it mainly for Twitter to watch hashtags and schedule tweets. One thing I also set up was the auto-tweet of my blog posts so it would save me from having to manually do it.

More recently, however, I added my new site posts to be automatically tweeted. I also added a blog friend of mine who has always supported me in the past and now automatically tweet her blog posts as soon as they are published.

I’m on a free account so the max RSS feeds I can add is three. If I purchase a monthly membership I could up that number to 10. Right now, though, I’m sticking with the free account.

It’s really easy to do. Here’s how.

Create an account at MarketMeSuite and login connecting your Twitter account. 

Down the right side you will see a list of options. Click Manage RSS Feeds under Tools.

Click the + sign to add a new RSS Feed.

Fill in the RSS Feed link, Name of the Blog, and if you want a Prefix or Suffix in your tweet. If it’s someone else’s feed, I will at RT @username so they will see that I tweeted their post and to help with their Klout. Put the name of your Twitter account that you want to tweet and then make sure the box is checked to turn it on.

Then the next you post on your blog or your blog friend posts on their blog, you will auto tweet the post. Notice the link is shortened with the MarketMeSuite link shortener?

It’s simple to set up and it will save you time!


Stacie Vaughan

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