Hidden Gems in Disney/PIXAR’s Brave #DisneyPixarEvent

When I saw a sneak preview of Brave (now out in theatres), I got so involved in the story and the breathtaking animation that I completely forgot to look for Disney/PIXAR’s “hidden gems”. In nearly every Disney/PIXAR film since Toy Story, the filmmakers sneak in some of the memorable characters or objects from the past movies. For example, the Luxo Jr. ball is in a girl’s bedroom in Up, and we can see it when Carl’s house flies past her room.

There are a few of these hidden gems in Brave. However, if you haven’t seen the film yet or are planning to go and see it again because you also missed them when you saw it the first time, you may want to click out of this post because I’m about to reveal two of the hidden gems that are in Brave.

Ancient Delivery (Now I just feel silly. How could I have possibly missed this?!)

No Monsters in the Closet (Monsters University is Disney/PIXAR’s 2013 release. Can you see one of the beloved characters hidden in the scene above? I can’t remember if I noticed this one or not when I saw Brave, but I probably thought it was a bear if I did.)

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BRAVE is now playing in theatres everywhere!

*I received the above information because I am including on the mailing list for Walt Disney Studios Publicity department. I received no compensation for this post, and any opinions expressed are entirely my own.*


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