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Carson Optical Review

Does your child leave their grubby little fingerprints on the surface of everything you own? I know my son sure does. His fingerprints are on EVERYTHING. I spend half my day wiping his fingerprints off mirrors, the tv screen, my computer, windows. It never ends. I usually just use a soft cloth and some windex on most surfaces. But how do I get his fingerprints off my computer or camera screen without damaging them? Well, I honestly had no idea how, until I was introduced to the products from Carson Optical. All of their products are specifically made to safely clean lenses and screens. The people at Carson Optical sent me a ton of items to try out. I got a lens cleaner, a compact lens cleaner, a jumbo lens cleaner, disposable lens and screen cleaners. They even sent me a Mini-Scout binocular to test out their products.

I first used their screen cleaners on my computer. I knew my computer screen was dirty, but it wasn’t until I used the screen cleaner that I realized how dirty. Check out these before and after pictures. It is disgusting. I called my husband over to check out the difference because I was really that amazed.

Carson Optical also sent me cleaners for my camera lens. These are just as great as the computer screen cleaners. They clean without leaving any smudges. They work great for getting rid of fingerprints and other smudges. In addition to the soft side that wipes away the dirt, there’s also a brush side to wash off all the crumbs or little bits. I’ve been using this brush to wipe my keyboard. I’ve used the mini-cleaners to wipe off my smartphone. These would work great if you have an iPhone or iPad.

Carson Optical also sent me a pair of binoculars, the Mini so I could properly test out the cleaners. These are the most amazing binoculars I’ve ever used. They make everything look it is in High Definition. The baby and I use this to spy on animals and birds that come into the yard. Its zoom capability is amazing. They fold up into a little tiny bag so they will take up no space at all in your bag.

All these products and more can be found at Carson Optical. Their prices are extremely reasonable. Of the products I received to review, only the binoculars cost more than $10. After seeing how well they cleaned, I can tell you they are well worth the price. In addition to screen cleaners, they also carry microscopes, magnifiers, monoculars, and a ton of other outdoor products.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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