An Invitation to Attend the Men’s and Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Trials in San Jose

I can count the number of life-changing, historically important events I’ve attended in person on one finger: the Men’s and Women’s Olympic Trials of 2012. If you’d asked me before I jetted off to San Jose from June 29th – July 1st 2012 to attend the try-outs and finals for Men’s and Women’s gymnastics, I probably would said that the Backstreet Boys and Elton John concerts I went to as a teenager were important. Sure, they are memories that I’ll cherish. Those concerts were fun times, but life changing? Historically important? No, they really weren’t.

In 2002, my home state (Utah) hosted the Winter Olympics. I remember how my favorite city became physically transformed to accommodate thousands of people from all over the world to witness history being made. I didn’t get the chance to attend any of the events in person. I’ve never been an athletic type of person; I’ve always been more of an intellectual–but that doesn’t mean I don’t have mad respect for people who are gifted in those physically demanding areas that I am not. As a child, I especially loved watching figure skating and gymnastics. My mother says that I was actually in gymnastics as a child, but I gave up on it before really giving it a chance.

A few weeks ago, we received an email from Click-Comm, who was working along with Universal Studios Home Entertainment to promote the newest American Girl film, McKenna Shoots for the Stars. They were inviting us on an all expenses paid trip to San Jose to attend the Olympics Gymnastics Trial at the HP Pavilion. We were also invited to bring along one child to experience this incredible event.

I have a 9-year-old goddaughter who is a Level 5 gymnast. She has more energy than any other child I know and is a bit of an imp, but when she is up on the balance beam or doing her floor routine, she is professional and focused. She won roughly seven 1st place ribbons in her first year of competing. She also attended the Lady Luck Invitationals in Las Vegas and took 5th on bars and 7th on beam. She competed against 180 girls on her level. In every meet in which she participates, she places. If her passion for gymnastics continues growing, there is the possibility that one day we’ll be watching her on our television screens as she follows her own star. After watching her cartwheel and do backflips down the Hotel de Anza hallway, there are no doubts in my mind that she will go far.

Complimentary Photo Provided by AT&T During the Olympic Trials in San Jose California

*We received an all expenses paid trip to San Jose, California to attend the Men’s and Women’s Olympic Trials and to attend certain press events arranged for the American Girl film. All thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.*


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