Thin Ice DVD Review

Title: Thin Ice

There is only one movie that I have ever started over and watched again when it ended. Thin Ice, which stars Greg Kinnear, Alan Arkin, and Billy Crudup, is the only other film which I have even considered wanting to watch immediately. At the risk of giving away too much of a spoiler, the ending hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted to watch again and see if I could pick up on little clues, see how well they were (or not) given to the viewer.

Thin Ice takes places in a Wisconsin town, and Mickey Prohaska (Greg Kinnear) is an insurance agent who has hit some personal and financial downfalls. He seizes an opportunity when his newest agent, Bob Egan (David Harbour) introduces him to an older gentleman who seems a bit senile. Gorvy Hauer (Alan Arkin) just so happens to own a violin that is worth an incredible amount of money–money that Mickey could desperately use himself. Mickey begins to hatch a plan, but the interference of an unstable locksmith (Billy Crudup) shows Mickey a darker side of himself than he has ever known before.

The character of Mickey Prohaska is not a guy that can easily be rooted for. His wife has thrown him out, he treats his employees poorly, and he looks at his clients as nothing more than financial gain for himself. Mickey is selfish, the kind of character that needs to grow up a little and one that could use a kick in the pants.

I’ve long been a fan of Billy Crudup, and his character, Randy, really lets him show off his ability to perform in all different types of roles. Randy is undoubtedly disturbing, but I also found him slightly comedic. All of his scenes with Greg Kinnear are worth watching especially closely.

Alan Arkin is also fantastic as Gorvy Hauer. I became very attached to him, and thought it was despicable how Mickey was trying to use him. He plays the part of a lonely, senile old man very well.

Though it starts out a bit slowly, Thin Ice gains speed after some character development with Mickey, and doesn’t quit until the shocking and unbelievable ending. It’s not an ending that everyone will appreciate, but it will surely make you want to watch again.

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