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MyTunes Pro App Review

My parents bought me an iPhone 4S for my birthday this year. Before that I hadn’t even owned a cell phone! It’s crazy looking back to think how I managed this long without one because now I never leave home without my iPhone! Technology has advanced so much that a phone isn’t just a phone anymore- it’s so much more!

For instance, my phone now doubles as a stereo. I can listen to music on my phone by downloading songs and albums from iTunes. I use the music player app, MyTunes Pro, developed by SRS Labs which has a lot of really neat features including:

SRS WOW HD™ Processing: Restores the natural tonality and spatial characteristics of recorded audio, making music sound as if the listener is in the same room as the artist

Fully adjustable 10-band EQ with presets or a simple 3-knob tone control: Offers users complete personalization of audio playback

SRS bass sculpting technology: Provides deeper, booming bass from headphones and speakers

Listening device presets: Provides custom tailored enhancement tunings to deliver optimal clarity and detail based on user selected headphones or speaker type

Volume normalization: Utilizes SRS’ award-winning TruVolume technology to maintain a consistent listening volume regardless of the music played

Party Mode: Simply select a playlist and the app will reorganize them to fit your party style

Workout Mode: The app automatically adjust your music to fit the intensity of your workout

Speed Control: Let’s users speed up or slow down the speed of their podcasts and audio books with no detrimental effect on the pitch and tone of the voice

Airplay® Support: Provides the ability to send MyTunes enhanced music files to any Airplay enabled device, maintaining MyTunes improved sound quality

Advanced drilldown search: Provides a simple way to navigate through substantial music collections allowing users to find songs with ease

Special driving mode: Optimizes the GUI for ease of use and minimal distraction (MyTunes Pro only)

DJ-style transitions: Offers the full experience of having a live DJ mix the user’s playlist

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Now I don’t have a have iPhone Music Docking Station yet, so I’m only able to listen to music directly from my phone. I know once I have this I will be able to take full advantage of this app’s special features. It would be perfect to use during a party or a backyard barbecue.

When you open the app, it will automatically update and add any recent purchases of songs from iTunes. I currently have Marvel’s The Avengers Soundtrack in my library. It lets me view my songs in a variety of ways including by Song, Playlists, Albums, Artists, Genres, Composers, Audiobooks and Podcasts. Once I purchase more songs, these categories will make life a lot easier if I’m trying to find a particular song, artist, etc.

For each song on my playlist, I can choose to listen to it in Party mode or Workout mode depending on my mood.  Within Party Mode, I have even more options to choose from like Late Night Party, BBQ, Driving and more! For Workout mode, it has options for Warmup,Workouts and Cooldown. Oh decisions decisions!

When you select a song you want to listen to, you then can choose what settings you want to turn on to enhance your listening experience. I can turn on/off: WOW HD, EQ, Normalize, Driving and Speed with one simple touch. I need to purchase some car audio accessories so I can play music while I’m driving. It will be much more convenient for road trips than lugging a bunch of CDs with us.

If you use your iPhone (or iPad) to listen to music, MyTunes Pro is an app that you will get lots of use from.

MyTunes Pro HD for iPad and MyTunes Pro for iPod and iPhone, can both be downloaded for FREE from the iTunes® App Store.  You will also be to try out the advanced features for a limited time each day. If you decide to unlock the app’s advanced features, you can make a one time purchase of $6.99 for iPhone/iPod and $9.99 for iPad.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a gift card as compensation. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience.

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