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How to Host a Successful Giveaway Hop {Mini Challenge} #blogathon2


  1. I haven’t set up a page yet, but I’m in the works of doing a hop to bring awareness to self-harm! I’ve made a list of organizations to contact to see if they would like to sponsor things or be affiliated.

    I am planning on hosting it in November, because there is a “self harm awareness day” then. I’m hoping to open it up for many niches. Guess we’ll see!

    Thanks so much for your post, it helped me make notes and I’ll definitely be back to read your tips again as I get even closer. 🙂

  2. Wow! You never do realize (even as a blogger) how much works goes into a hop! Unfortunately, I do not have time right now, but I will definitely be referring back to his when I get brave enough to do my first one! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Stacie!

  3. I tried to do one earlier in the year. I don’t think it was very successful. I’m skeptical about doing another one, but your tips and inspired me to try! 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Your tips couldn’t have come at a better time!! I am co-hosting two hops right now, and thinking about doing another around the holidays!

  5. Love these tips Stacie! 🙂 Your giveaway hops have always been one of my favorites, very well run and well organized.

    I’ve been rolling around some ideas for a giveaway hop of my own… And these are a great help. So, while my plan is still not finalized, here is my basic idea, inspired by your tips:

    5 co-hosts – Myself plus 4 more, who I already have in mind. I’m starting an email newsletter next month, so that will give me a great new way to help promote sign ups, in addition to my weekly Bloggertunities list.

    I’d like to do my hop during the fall – Probably October. I’d like to do a fun fall themed event… I’ll have to think of a clever name 🙂 I’m thinking that the prizes will all be fall festive type prizes, $20+. My cohosts and I will put together a big grand prize.

    But I’d like to keep it small – 20 or less blogs, and only people I’ve worked with in the past… This is juts to make sure that since it’ll be my first event, that I don’t run into to too many problems with people not following through.

    Then, after I get that under my belt – I’ll be ready for a bigger and bolder one the next time!! 🙂

  6. This is wonderfully useful, thank you! I want to try and organize a successful hop on my blog sometime soon but have no idea how to increase my current traffic so that people can see that I have ablog worth participating in a hop with! Any ideas on how to get over this?

    • I think you just need to jump in there and do it. Promote your hop on FB and in the FB groups and on the sites listed in the posts. If you do a Blogger Incentive prize, bloggers will promote as well to win the prize.

  7. Thanks for this post. I’m hoping to put my first giveaway hop together in the next couple of months.

  8. I have a few ideas for a blog hop that I’m wanting to do and came across this post doing research. Thank you so much for writing such great tips! I will definitely be bookmarking this and coming back to it as I find sponsors and other bloggers willing to co-host. You’ve made my life so much easier!

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