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Crawlings Knee Pads Review

Out of all the products I’ve reviewed thus far, the Crawlings knee pads have gotten the most attention! Crawlings knee pads are designed to help protect kids’ little knees from the beginning crawling stages to full on running in the toddler years. It’s a wobbly world out there. And who says skinned knees has to be a rite of passage for growing up? Not me!

Now, when you hear the term “knee pads” you may be thinking of big, clunky, ugly pads that you would find at a home improvement store. That’s NOT what the Crawling line is about! They are soft and stretchable, like a sock, and glide on easily. That’s because the body of the knee pad is 80% premium cotton, 15% rayon, and 5% spandex. The center knee pad cushion is made of EVA cushion that is soft, flexible and UV and water resistant. I love that it’s one size fits all, for children from 6 months to three years. Not many baby products have that kind of staying power.

Crawlings says these can be used indoors or outside, but I never saw a need to use them inside. I started using them when my son was 11 months old, and he had been walking for about a month at that point. At first I was worried that we might not be able to use these since he was quickly leaving the crawling stage, but I was so very wrong. I realized that these are even more valuable for a wobbly toddler! Any Mom will tell you that new walkers fall down all the time. I was so excited to bring Caleb outside to play once he started walking, but I was on edge and cringing and every wobbly step and tumble because we have a driveway that is half concrete and half rocks and dirt. I put the Crawlings on him, and it was such a relief for me! I didn’t have to worry about him falling so much, which allowed me to be more laid back and let him explore his world more independently.

A very important feature of the knee pads is that they are machine washable. Obviously, they are going to get filthy after even minimal use so you will need to wash them. Personally, I don’t want anything in my house that I can’t throw in the dishwasher or washing machine to clean. Who has time to hand wash anything? The directions say to use cold water and low heat, but I have washed them normally with the rest of Caleb’s clothes and they are holding up just fine.

Perhaps the best part about the Crawlings is the adorable designs. I chose the cobalt blue football and love it! It is very “All-American” boy, which fits Caleb’s personality perfectly. If I had a girl, I would be all over the lavender elephant though. So cute!

A pair of Crawlings knee pads will run you $20.00, which may seem like a lot for a pair of knee pads but not when you consider how long you can use them. You can buy them online from or from a number of retailers across the U.S. and internationally (see the full list here).

You can connect with Crawlings on Facebook and Twitter.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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