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Comet Review

There are certain cleaning products that stand the test of time. Products that worked great for my grandmother and that now work great for me. Comet Cleanser is one of those products. I remember the green bottles under my grandmother’s sink. Now I have the new sleek Comet under my sink, for all my stainless steel cleaning needs.

I received a wonderful large and sturdy cleaning caddy from Comet. The caddy contained three of their new stainless steel cleaning solutions. One is a spray cleaner, ideal for larger stainless surfaces like my refrigerator and stove. It’s super easy to use – just spray and wipe with a soft cloth. The cleaner was able to take care of the little handprints that are always all over my appliances with ease. The great part – it’s ammonia and bleach free, so there’s no overpowering chemical smell. The other two products are specially formulated for stainless steel cookware and sinks – one is a powder, the other a cream. I found the cream to be easier to use on my cookware (I felt like I had a little more control over the cream than the powder on the smaller surfaces, it was less messy). The powder I passed on to my mom for use in her stainless steel sink – she was so excited to have the opportunity to try this product – and it worked great! Both the cream and powder lived up to their reputation for breaking down grease, dirt and grime and all the products are definitely welcome additions to my cleaning arsenal!

Also in the caddy were a few other cleaning goodies. A pair of rubber gloves and a sturdy dishtowel, as well as coupons for free product to share with family and friends, and a $25 AMEX gift card to help me pick up some other kitchen cleaning essentials. You can find out more about Comet’s new stainless steel cleaners on their website.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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