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Bubble Babez Review

As a kid, I loved playing in the bath tub. I entertained myself long after my hair was washed and my skin was scrubbed clean pretending to be a mermaid and acting out undersea adventure stories. As an adult, I still take baths, but they are not as much fun as they were when I was kid. That is, until I was introduced to bath time and beauty products from Bubble Babez.

Bubble Babez has been making bath time fun again since 2010 with homemade soaps, scrubs, and more that will appeal to your inner child. I got to try a variety of their homemade products, and I am in love!

Soy Wax Melts

One of my favorite discoveries within the last few years was my Scentsy warmer. I love that the Scentsy bars are wickless and that I won’t burn my fingertips trying to light a match anymore. Bubble Babez’s soy wax melts work just as great as the Scentsy products, and are slightly less expensive as well! Within minutes of placing the soy wax melt on my Scentsy warmer, an inviting and soothing smell was wafting throughout my entire living room and kitchen area.

Lotion Bar

This is a great alternative to messy lotions that can leak out of their bottles and get all over your hands and clothes if you’re not careful. The lotion bar will keep your skin soft and moisturized all through the day, and can even be used following a pedicure to keep your feet soft, too! The next time that I go on a road trip or fly somewhere, I’ll be packing my lotion bar. It’s just as effective as liquid lotions, and you won’t have to worry about TSA if you fly with it.

Bath Bombs

Add a little something extra to your bath with one of Bubble Babez’s bath bombs. Just drop it under running water and watch it dissolve. I thought the bath bomb I used added extra moisture to my skin, and left a pleasing subtle clean-smelling scent on my skin once I dried off.

Bath Bomb Cupcake

I loved my bath bomb, but the bath bomb cupcake takes it to a whole new level of fun! My bath bomb cupcake came wrapped with care and looked like the kind of cupcake I would choose from a cupcake boutique. It works just like the bath bomb, but comes in a cupcake wrapper and is topped with bar soap that looks like frosting. My bath water turned a lovely shade of blue, and I didn’t want to get out! I kept adding in more hot water just so I could stay in longer and enjoy soaking in my blue bath water.

Sugar Scrub for Lips

I always have dry, unhealthy looking lips due to my allergies, but my Bubble Babez sugar scrub took care of the problem. Any time I have pieces of dry skin hanging off my lips, I smooth the sugar scrub over my lips and rinse with warm water to reveal healthy, smooth lips once again. The Bubble Gum scrub really tastes and smells like bubble gum.

Sugar Cubes

The Spectacular, Spectacular sugar cubes are a great all over exfoliator to remove dead skin cells from arms, legs, and anywhere else. These are especially fun because they have glitter in them that will remain on your skin until your next shower. I loved decorating myself with glitter during my teen years, so this was extra fun for me!

Bubble Babez has so many great offerings, all at very reasonable prices. I would not hesitate to try even more of their products. I love the ones i have already tried, and the next time I need a fun, whimsical gift, I may choose something from their Wonka Collection.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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