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VTech Review

My husband and I have tried many different brands of home phones over the years. When we moved to our current home we bought a VTech phone system. We were so happy with the quality that we went ahead and bought an extension set for the house. So when the opportunity arose to review the new VTech Connect to Cell phone system, we were both excited to give it a try.

The concept behind Connect to Cell system is to integrate your cell phone with your home phone, so that once you’re home, you can make and receive cell phone calls from the comfort and convenience of a home phone system. And don’t have to worry about missing a call on your cell phone, because your cell calls will automatically transfer to the VTech system once your cell is within range. This is something that’s great for me since my cell is usually buried in my purse and I never hear it once I throw my purse in the entry hall closet!

I received the 2 Handset Connect to Cell unit for review. Once the system arrived, I was instantly impressed with the design and feel of the phones. They are light and stylish. The set up was easy – we connected my cell phone and my husband’s cell to the system (mine being set as line 1, his as line 2) and now whenever our phones are within 30 feet of the phone base, our cell calls automatically forward to the handsets. The system also automatically downloaded our contacts from our cell phones, so we really are fully integrated between our cells and the handsets. Once we were charged and ready to go, we tested out the phones from other lines and found the clarity of the handsets and speakers to be the same great quality that we were used to from our previous VTech system. We’re so happy with this system that we plan on buying extension sets so that we can replace all the phones in our house with this system!

Other great features of the VTech Connect to Cell system include the option to customize your set-up. You can choose different ring tones for each cell phone that you connect to the system so that you can hear just by the ring who the phone call is for. When dialing out, you can choose which cell number you want to dial from, so that the caller ID on the other end of the line will identify you as the caller. The system also comes complete with built-in answering machine and caller ID features. At $59.95 for the 2 handset system, this unit is a great deal.

You can learn more about the Vtech Connect to Cell system, and their other products, on their website. 

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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