Interview with Cobie Smulders aka Maria Hill from Marvel’s The Avengers #TheAvengersEvent

I spent last weekend in New York City and Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to meet two of the stars of Marvel’s The Avengers: Tom Hiddleston and Cobie Smulders! The bloggers were split into two groups. Our group interviewed Cobie Smulders first while the other group interviewed Tom Hiddleston.

When Cobie walked into the room in a beautiful orange gown, she took my breath away. She is beautiful! She’s also really funny and nice and she’s a Canadian! I believe I read she is from British Columbia.

Maria Hill in Marvel’s The Avengers is her first major movie role so this is a very exciting time for her.  After watching the movie, I think she did an amazing job. It’s only up from here for her!


Cobie Smulders at the Interview

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Check out the transcript of our group’s interview with Cobie Smulders! 

Tell us about your character Maria Hill.

Cobie Smulders: Maria Hill works at S.H.I.E.L.D. She’s a very high ranking officer and she sort of works directly under Nick Fury. And you know, there’s lots of debates about how powerful she is.

She sort of commands the Hellcarrier and she’s also a bit of a task master and it’s funny. When I got this role, I started reading all the comic books and also all the blogs, and what anyone had to say about the character. I was trying to, trying to learn as much as I could. And she’s like described as like the biggest bitch in the universe but I hate that so much because like women if you’re in a powerful position, you get labeled a bitch. But if a man is in that position, he’s just got to do his job.

It was kind of cool to approach a role with that kind of stigma behind it, and just kind of own it in a sense and just be like Maria Hill in the way that she works with Nick Fury. Nick Fury follows his gut instincts a lot, I mean the- the whole beginning of this movie, I don’t know has anyone seen the film?

Stacie’s note: {and at that point none of us had seen the film.}

It’s really good. The Avengers initiative is what this whole movie is about. And it’s about bringing all of these super heroes together, and it’s sort of an emergency basis only. And Maria Hill sees that as a huge threat. I mean, even to have Hulk on the Hellcarrier alone is, is a bad idea, puts humans lives at risk.

She sort of butts head with him, but in, in kind of a great way. She kind of brings him back down to Earth, but they have this awesome arc of their relationship, and by the end she sort of sees why he’s breaking the S.H.I.E.L.D.

Since it’s an action movie, do you have a lot of stunts you had to do, what was the craziest?

Cobie Smulders: Well the cool thing was, first of all when I got, when I got the part, I hadn’t even read the script. And then I got the script after, I did a chemistry test with Sam Jackson. And then I read the script, and I thought I was literally going to be like making a latte for Nick Fury, or like on the computer screen, you know, in the background. And it was really cool to read that I had a lot to do and then it just kind of grew more and more.

And the beginning of this film sort of opens with this huge car chase sequence and I want to say like the hardest thing to do was probably that, actually. Because I’d never done driving, but like driving under extraordinary circumstances. It felt like and this is so girlie. But it felt like sort of dance choreography where you’re like driving and then a car hits you from the sides. Then you move your body this way and then you jam into it, into second gear.

And then you take your gun and hit the windshield and you shoot out the windshield and then you run out of bullets so you throw the gun down. And then you peel the- and you’re like, what? And they’re like and go. I know I turn, so it’s somewhere, so it was sort of hard to physicalize that and turn my brain off. And not like you just had to like kind of do it and get it in your body a few times and then it was okay. So that was really the most challenging because it was also like me being driven, you know, being pulled by another car.

And I’m like, going like five miles an hour and I’m supposed to be just like cruising, I mean I did get to do some of my own like fast paced driving, but that was probably the hardest. But I came into this part and I wanted to do so much, so I did all this training. I was boxing three times a week, and I was training in Martial Arts, doing some Tai Kwon Do and Jujitsu and hired a guy out of L.A. who actually trains SWAT teams to get more familiar with weapons and to feel comfortable holding them.

And to- shooting them, which I’d never done before. So I wanted to be ready for anything and I was happy that they gave me some stuff to do. Especially not being a super hero.

You’ve worked on How I Met Your Mother, did the cast have any words of wisdom for this film?

Cobie Smulders: It wasn’t a question of words of wisdom-  it was a blanket statement of like, you’re so lucky. I’m so excited to get to work with him, because he truly is like an actors’ director. And he took so much care, especially with me playing Maria Hill, who’s a new character. He knows so much, I mean he’s a fan boy, he knows everything there is to know about comic books. And was the guy, a kid, at Comic-Con from its inception, you know.

And so he knew so much about her and about S.H.I.E.L.D. and he was there from the getgo, really. And I think that Allison actually- when I went in to audition, she called him, she knew like I saw her on the set and I was like, oh I’m going in today for the Avengers film that Joss is directing, she’s like oh my god.  And she texted him or called him and said, you know, Cobie went in and read today, make sure you go in and see the tape or whatever, and I’ve known Joss mainly from going to their house for birthday parties and such. So they were just excited for me to get to work with them.

Were you an Avengers fan before you did the film?

Cobie Smulders: I’d seen what I’d mainly knew was Tony Stark/Ironman from really the previous movies and some of the comic books. My fiancé is a huge comic book guy. I would pick them up but I wasn’t a diehard. I knew about them, I knew sort of who was involved and I knew what they could do, what their powers were, but it wasn’t really until this film that I took it on.

I had been a fan of the different comic series, Y: The Last Man and Fables and more sort of modern stories that have come up, but not so much the Avengers. But now I’m pretty diehard.

What’s it like getting famous?

Cobie Smulders: It’s so funny, when I get hired they were like, oh boy, wait ‘til Comic-Con, it’s going to be crazy. People are going to be insane. And I have had only positive experiences. And I’m sort of feeling myself like opening up slowly to it. Where before I kind of came in a little bit scared and very reserved, like I recently joined Twitter. And it’s something that I fought against for a really long time.

First of all I, I’m an actor and probably just as me, I can to read like ten positive things and one negative thing and I take away the negative thing. So I thought of it as like a way that I was just going to read people are free to say whatever they want about me and I’m going to just take away the bad stuff. But it’s so cool being a part of this movie you guys will see tonight, the movie is so good. And I’m not just saying that because I’m promoting it. I just saw it for the first time and I was totally blown away I knew it was going to be good.

Because of everyone involved, because of what we did, and because of Joss filming, and Marvel, their technology. But it’s so good and the fans are so happy with it. And so excited by it. And so it kind of makes everything easier, you’re not confronted with like, well Maria Hill in the comic books, wore a black and white costume, why are you wearing a blue one, and you’re like well, that’s just the way like everyone’s just happy with it. So it makes it easier. But everyone has been lovely.

What would you say in the film appeals to families? 

Cobie Smulders: What I like about this film is it’s kind of a dysfunctional family, like it’s the way that all these sort of separate superheroes have to come together to succeed.  And I feel like there’s sort of like a team, a family dynamic within that- and it’s cool to see them rise above their personal issues.  And sort of accomplish the goal.

How is this similar to your family and the TV show? 

Cobie Smulders: Well, it’s hard to say because going back to the first year of filming Mother, there might be more similarities.  But we’ve been working together for seven years.  I mean I’ve spent more time with, with the cast and, and our crew, and our writers, than I have with anyone that I went to high school with or college with or anything.  So it’s, it’s such a strong family dynamic there, it’s sort of hard to compare it to anyone else. But it’s been really nice doing this gigantic press tour with everyone.

Because I feel like when we were shooting the movie, our schedules, like I would come in here and get to work with this person and then they’d shoot all the action stuff and then I’d kind of come back.  So it’s been nice actually hanging out outside of the set and getting closer with everyone.  But it’s been pretty different all around.  But interesting.

Cobie Smulders & Bloggers After the Inteview

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