Book Review | The Next Full Moon

Title: The Next Full Moon

Author: Carolyn Turgeon

My Review:

Carolyn Turgeon captivated me with her beautiful writing style and haunting retelling of the classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid, so I was very excited to read her first venture into the middle grade genre with The Next Full Moon.

The Next Full Moon is a contemporary tale about 12-year-old Ava Lewis, who discovers right before she turns 13 that she has the ability to transform into a swan. At first, she is horrified when feathers begin to grow on her as she is flirting with the most popular boy in school, Jeff Jackson. She keeps the secret from both her father and her best friend, Morgan, afraid they might feel differently about her if they know the truth. Once Ava learns that her feathers are not permanent and that she can choose when to transform, she falls in love with her new freedom.

Ava is a relatable teenage girl, focused on her first big crush and her status at school. I was able to slip back into my 12-year-old self, and I remember all of the challenges and insecurities I faced because that was the year I moved across the country and started at a new school. Carolyn pitch perfectly describes exactly what a young teenager feels during those important years. I loved the innocence of Ava’s blossoming romance with Jeff, and his overall sweetness toward her. It’s a rarity for a boy that young to know that someone is different, and accept her for all that she is.

I took a strong interest in Ava’s father; all along I knew that he had to be aware of Ava’s transition. When his backstory was finally revealed, it was heartbreaking. I wanted to know more of his own personal love story with Ava’s mother, but The Next Full Moon focuses mostly on Ava’s relationships.

Though Carolyn Turgeon’s previous novels have all been for adult readers, I think fans of those books will also enjoy The Next Full Moon.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this book.*


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