Book Review | A Sliver of Shadow

Title: A Sliver of Shadow (Abby Sinclair, No. 2)

Author: Allison Pang

My Review:

A Sliver of Shadow picks up six months after the first installment of the Abby Sinclair series, A Brush of Darkness. Our heroine, Abby is acting as caretaker to baby Benjamin (the protectorate’s adorable baby boy) and the handsome and mysterious elven prince Talivar, is sleeping on Abby’s couch. And Phin, well he’s still being Phin. Moira has been summoned to faery court, and all seems well until one day, a mysterious woman arrives in the “human” realm, announcing that she is the new protectorate. Abby and her friends immediately realize that something is not quite right with this new arrival, especially when she forcefully attempts to make Abby her touchstone.

A spell set by this new visitor backfires and results in the Faery Queen closing down the Crossroads, for the OtherFolk, this is a potentially deadly situation. The OtherFolk, trapped in the human realm without touchstones are in danger of eventually fading. Now Abby and her friends must race against time, to save the OtherFolk. The question however is how? Abby’s not exactly experienced at saving the faery world, but for the sake of Benjamin’s existence, she knows that she has to come up with a solution and fast. They need a way to open the door to the Crossroads, and Abby’s willing to try anything, even if that means contacting her former lover, Brystion. Abby goes to Brystion in her dreaming and he is his same old broody self—hanging out in her heart. He refuses to help her and Abby must turn to other resources. Although, she never imagined that the resource was around her neck. This new revelation leads Abby and her friends into the Faery world, in which they are now in the middle of a brewing war.

In this second installment, Allison Pang delves deeper into Abby’s lineage and past. Which was a necessary focus due to the fact that there were many questions in regards to Abby’s abilities left unanswered in the first book. I was however, surprised to learn of her link to the Fae world. Talivar was introduced near the end of the first book which was a bit of an odd introduction, especially given his prominent role in A Sliver of Shadow. Getting to know the character of Talivar was a welcomed change, given my feelings towards Brystion in A Brush of Darkness. I enjoyed the complex nature of his character and the way in which he and Abby complimented one another as a team. Abby also, was not as fast to rush into a relationship with Talivar as she was with the Daemon, Brystion. I appreciated the buildup of their relationship, which did not make it seem forced. Also, the characters in A Sliver of Shadow were better explored. It was nice to learn more about Melanie and her violin and to learn about who Phin really is (which managed to surprise me). Abby was also a bit more likeable, although I still find the manner in which she is pulled around by the Fae deplorable.

The character’s journey through the faery world, took readers out of the Urban Fantasy realm and into the world of Fantasy. I enjoy a good fantasy, so I appreciated Pang’s Faery/OtherFolk world. Her world building is original and fun. One complaint however, is the obvious love triangle surfacing. I am not a fan of love triangles and I hope that this particular plot is soon resolved in the series, although I am sure that this is just wishful thinking on my part. A Sliver of Shadow was an improvement from the first book and I hope the series continues to reel me in.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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