Book Review | Beyonders Seeds of Rebellion

Title: Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders)

Author: Brandon Mull

My Review:

I have a really strong interest in Utah authors because I live in Utah, too. Brandon Mull is among the most famous authors in Utah, and after hearing lots of positive things about his writing, I bought my first Brandon Mull book, Fablehaven. Unfortunately, it was not the first Brandon Mull book I read and now my excitement over that series has diminished quite a bit.

Last year I reviewed Beyonders: A World Without Heroes and a few months ago a copy of the second book, Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion arrived in my mailbox. I liked the first one well enough, but wasn’t overly eager to begin the second. I actually had to talk myself into it, and I tried to stay positive throughout the reading process. If it takes me longer than a week to read just about any book (really long ones that are 700+ pages are usually the only exception), I know it’s not a good thing. In all, Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion took me nearly two months to read. If it had been just a regular book that I’d picked up on my own to read, I’d have stopped after 50-100 pages, but I make every effort to get all the way through a book I’m mailed specifically for a review.

In Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion, the teenage hero Jason Walker desperately tries to make his way back to Lyrian to rescue Rachel, the girl he left behind. He also has intel that the people of Lyrian need in order to defeat Maldor. He returns to Lyrian the same way he first got there (through the mouth of a hippo at the zoo) and soon reconnects with his friends. He also makes new allies and friends, many of whom he is not sure he should really trust. In his absence, Rachel has discovered that she has some very unique abilities, ones that Maldor intends to exploit.

I have to give Brandon Mull some serious kudos for envisioning such a rich, creative world. All of the people that Jason meets are extremely unique. I love the Seed people, and I love the giant who becomes small when the time of day changes. There is so much to remember from this series that I almost wish I had taken notes to keep it all straight (and especially since I knew not even halfway in this would be a more difficult than normal read for me). I also know that he spent more than 10 years writing this series, so none of what I have to say next is very easy.

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion has more appeal for male readers than female readers. Most of the characters are male, and the few female characters are not treated with much respect from the author or the male characters. I nearly stopped reading this when I was well over halfway in because of a comment Jason made to Corinne, the newest female character. I’m pretty sure that my jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out. This particular comment was pretty hard to take–especially from Jason since he’s from our world–and not Lyrian. I’d have been more forgiving if it had come from a fellow Lyrian, but Jason lives in a world where females are just as influential, smart, and strong as men. I remember having a similar reaction to certain instances in the first book as well, wondering why he even included a female character if she really had no purpose other than to stand there and look pretty.

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion was definitely not the right fit for me, but it has been well received by many other happy readers. Although there is only one book left in the Beyonders series, I will not be dedicating any of my time to reading it.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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