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Baby Anti-Monkey Butt Review

If you are looking for diaper cream, Baby Anti Monkey Butt is surely a name that will catch your eye! In fact, I have overheard conversations like this in my mommy group – “I want to buy this Anti-Monkey Butt product just because I love the name!” It’s ridiculous, but in an awesome way. After all, the brand is speaking to a population who wipes poopie butts all day long. Moms need a little ridiculous humor to stay sane.

Moving on to the product, I reviewed the Baby Anti Monkey Butt diaper rash powder and cream on my 12-month old son. What I liked about the Baby Anti Monkey Butt line is their addition of calamine. I could immediately tell that the texture and smell was different from other diaper creams, and I think it’s the calamine. It’s very soothing. The combination of calamine and zinc oxide (a common ingredient in diaper rash creams, I believe) packs a one-two-punch against diaper rash. It also prevents diaper rash by sealing out wetness to keep your sweet baby’s butt nice and dry.

We are lucky in that we haven’t really had diaper rashes yet. But every so often, I notice some redness and chaffing on my son – signs that a diaper rash may be forming – and I use cream right away to prevent it from turning into anything. The Baby Anti Monkey Butt cream definitely took care of any potential issues for us and I will continue to use it!

Now, let’s talk about baby powder. To me, baby powder is one of those baby products that you buy when you’re pregnant because you feel like it’s necessary and then you never use it. I don’t really see a need for it. However, for the sake of this review I ventured into new territory and tried it out. Apparently it has calamine and cornstarch that works to absorb moisture. I just sprinkled on a little bit on his bottom right before I put on a new diaper. I liked that it was an extra step in preventing diaper rash, and it again had a very soothing smell and feel. I don’t think it’s something I would use on a regular basis, unless we are fighting a nasty diaper rash and I wanted to pull out all the stops. But if you are someone who uses baby powder, I definitely recommend trying out this brand.

[As a side note, you may want to consider buying the baby powder even if you won’t use it as intended. It has become a favorite toy around here. And it has been a lifesaver when I need Caleb to hold still during poopie diaper changes! He holds it, studies it, and chews on it and I can quickly change his diaper without him wiggling around like a maniac.]

You can buy the diaper cream for $6.95 and the baby powder for $5.95 at a number of stores, including Babies R Us and Walmart. For the full list of retailers, visit here. You’ll see that they are available in the U.S., Canada and the UK.

For the month of May, Anti Monkey Butt is honoring all the ladies in our lives with a Facebook celebration and sample giveaway. Once they reach 80,000 fans, they will give 1,000 random fans a sample packet of Lady Anti Monkey Butt powder. 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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