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Ssh-oes Review

I absolutely love the look of sleek, sexy high heels but I am miserable any time that I try to wear heels and walk around in them. Additionally, there are not a lot of low heel shoes that I find cute, so I often choose fashion over my own comfort and end up paying for it with blisters, raw skin, and incredibly sore feet. The last pair of heels that I purchased did not last on my feet for longer than 15 minutes before I wanted to rip them off and soak my feet in hot, soothing water–even when I was only sitting down while wearing them!

When I first checked out the Ssh-oes website, I thought, “there are some really great styles here, but there is no way I can wear these…or is there?” And of course the only way that I can find out if a pair of shoes works for me is to walk around in them.

Ssh-oes are the only heels you’ll find that will not make that click-clack sound when you walk. I took my pair of red suede Madame pumps for a test drive tonight, and my heels were incredibly quiet compared to my friend’s heels. The Ssh-oes heels have a non-slip sole on the outside bottom of the shoe that reduces noise. The click-clack of heels is not a sound that normally bothers me, but for those looking for quiet heels, these are 100% the heels that you want!

What attracted me most to Ssh-oes was the website’s claim that the shoes would be comfortable. Is it seriously possible that a pair of 4-inch heels could be comfortable? Well, my answer has always been no–until I slipped my feet into a pair of Ssh-oes. Because the shoes are fitted to real women in the design phase and padded with memory foam with super soft lining, they are officially the most comfortable pair of heels I have ever worn. Best of all, my toes were not pinched and had plenty of room.

During my first day of wearing Ssh-oes, I put them on at 4:30 p.m. and they remained on my feet until a little after 11:00 p.m. I didn’t even need my pair of roll-up flats that I always have with me when I venture out on the town in heels. I was definitely a bit run down by the end of the night, but the Ssh-oes never caused any discomfort. The backs of my ankles, which are always rubbed raw with heels, are free of any sores and there are no beginnings of blisters or the type of severe pain I am always in after removing heels.

I would absolutely love to fill my closet with a variety of styles and colors of nothing but the Ssho-es brand. I got complimented several times tonight on my Ssh-oes, which were definitely my favorite accessory tonight. While “cute” is definitely a requirement for heels, comfort is at the top of my list and Ssh-oes masters it all!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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