Press Day at Pixar Animation Studios #DisneyPixarEvent

What’s the first thing that you think about when Pixar comes to mind? For me, it’s that cute little lamp that jumps and then squishes the “I” in the name (Did you know he has a name? It’s Luxo!). It’s very clever and memorable, and the Pixar headquarters in Emeryville, California thinks so, too.

This is our entire blogger group posing right in front of the building with that adorable lamp and a familiar ball that you might recognize from the beloved Toy Story franchise.

Arriving at Pixar

As we unloaded from our car and began to walk toward the building, we were greeted by Jeff Campbell, who led us inside and impressed each and every one of us with his great talent.

Credit: Deborah Coleman/Pixar

Once inside, we began drinking in every detail of the building, from the conference rooms up above that overlooked the common area below where employees could gather together for meals and coffee to the beautiful Brave tapestry that hung on the wall. In the corners stood some of my favorite characters from Pixar films, such as Sulley and Mike from Monsters, Inc. and the cute green aliens from the Toy Story films. We wasted no time in posing for photographs with these lovable, larger than life figurines.

Credit: Melissa at Sippy Cup Mom

The Tour

Since there were about 24 bloggers at the Brave press event, we were broken down into smaller groups to get the most out of our day at Pixar. We were given badges with one of the characters from Brave on them, and I was part of the Dingwall clan!

We were guided around upstairs as our tour guide, Danielle Levin, gave us background about Pixar itself and how they got their building in Emeryville. Before I even had to ask, she also told us about Steve Jobs’ time as CEO for the company and what influences he left behind on the architecture.

The Highland Games

After our brief tour through Pixar, we went outside to learn more about archery and bagpiping. I’d never shot with a bow and arrow before, and I’d never touched a bagpipe before, so these were amazing experiences for me! We’ll have more on these activities later on in the week, so please check back in with us.

Kilt 101

Back inside after the excitement outdoors, we had a demonstration on kilts. We learned about cost, how to put them on, and what they symbolize. More on this later–with pictures!

The Interviews

Even though I have gone on a few of these trips now, interview questions are the most challenging for me to come up with–and I usually come up with my best questions well after the fact! We had the opportunity to meet with Katherine Sarafian (Producer), Enrico Casarosa (Director of La Luna), and Mark Andrews (Director) and ask them questions about Brave. We’ll post the full interviews in upcoming weeks.

Pixar Makes a Lasting Impression

I loved the time that we spent at Pixar, and I felt I got a great sense of what it might be like to be employed there. Any place where it is perfectly acceptable to ride around from point A to point B on a scooter anywhere in the building seems like a mighty fine place to work! Jim from Wired.com, who was also part of the Dingwall clan, asked where he could drop off a resumé. And it would never get old watching films in the Pixar screening room with its starry ceiling and shooting stars.

*Disney/Pixar provided me with an all expenses paid trip to San Francisco to visit Pixar, participate in group interviews, and view the first 30 minutes of Brave. Any thoughts or opinions expressed are entirely my own.*


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