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Veri Peri Review

As you’ve probably noticed from my other reviews, I’m adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. My husband is too – and he’s a good cook, so we’re matched well! When the opportunity arose to review a line of sauces from Veri Peri, we were excited – it was something we haven’t tried before, and it came in a variety of flavors that intrigued us both.

Manufactured by the South African company, All Joy, Veri Peri sauces are made with the African Bird’s Eye Chili and are available in five flavors with varying levels of heat. It is the number one sauce brand in South Africa, and is now available in the United States. Veri Peri sauces are an emulsion and can be used as a marinade, an ingredient in your favorite recipe, or simply as a condiment that you can add to your favorite foods. The sauces range from the mild Lemon & Herb, to the spicy Veri Hot.

The first flavor we decided to try was the garlic. We thought it would go well on one of our favorite easy and fun dinners – sliders. We covered a few sliders in the garlic sauce and could immediately smell the flavor. As the burgers cooked, the sauce seeped into the meat, giving the burgers just a hint of garlic flavor, with a little heat behind it. There was no need for ketchup or any other condiment – the flavor of the garlic sauce was enough on its own. My husband, who likes things spicier, used the sauce as a condiment on his burgers as well – adding to his heat experience. The range of sauces from Veri Peri fits our tastes quite well – I like the milder garlic and lemon flavors, while he’s more a fan of the spicier sauces. It’s nice to be able to customize our foods with each sauce.

You can find out more about Veri Peri on their website, and on Facebook.


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