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Tuesday’s Top Blogs According to Money Saving Mindy

Welcome to Tuesday’s Top Blogs! Come and discover some new and interesting blogs. Each week I will feature a different person and ask them to list their five favourite blogs and why they like them. This week, I’m pleased to have Mindy from Money Saving Mindy joining us.

I love searching the web for great deals, coupons, free samples, giveaways and more! It makes me happy to help people save money. I post product reviews, and the occasional recipe as well. I also work full time as a Paralegal, but deal blogging is my passion!

Favourite blogs…

Kevin & Amanda: Amanda is always going on these awesome trips all over the place and eating delicious looking foods. She takes absolutely breathtakingly beautiful pictures on all of her trips, so I feel like I’m right there with her. I’m so jealous of her! She also does a lot of yummy baking and takes pictures of each step in the process, making it easy to follow along with her recipes.

Smitten Kitchen: Deb from Smitten Kitchen posts so many wonderful recipes and tips. I was finally able to perfect poaching eggs, thanks to the great tips on her site! Whenever I need some cooking-related help, I search her site, and she’s usually got a great tip waiting for me! She also takes really great step-by-step pictures, making it easy to follow along.

The Bloggess: The Bloggess is an absolute riot! I love reading her witty, sarcastic posts. Her tag line is “Like Mother Teresa, Only Better”, if that tells you anything. Whenever I’m in need of a laugh, I head on over to her site,and I’m never disappointed!

Mommy Saves Big: I have been using this site for years! She always has a ton of great coupons, free samples and sweepstakes listed on her site. It’s a great resource for saving money!

That’s So Michelle: Michelle always has AMAZING looking foods and drinks on her page! Some of my favorite recipes from her are Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears, Caribbean Christmas Rum Cake, and Coca-Cola Cupcakes. She also has a whole bunch of really cool jello shot recipes, and most of them don’t even require the use of a shot glass! She uses things like fruit peels and even chocolate to hold the shots!

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Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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