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Clearasil Ultra PerfectaWash Review & Testing Opportunity for Canadians

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday and you would think at my age I would have outgrown my acne problems right? Wrong. I still am struggling with my skin and am prone to breakouts. I think there’s a few factors why I still have pimples. The first reason is that I have extremely oily skin. I guess that’s good for preventing wrinkles, BUT I hate having my face feel greasy and look like it is glowing (John has so nicely told me that!). The second reason is hormonal. I break out around my period and some of the pimples are very painful. You know those blind pimples that never come to a head, but hurt really bad? I seem to get at least one of those every month around my cycle. The third major reason is that I have very  sensitive skin. I went to the dentist a few months ago and the next day I woke up with a big red pimple on my cheek where the dentist was touching me  with her gloves. The pimple is gone, but I still see the scar and that was early December!

I’ve lived with my skin this long that I’m used to it, but I’m always willing to try different products to see if they can control my acne.  I’ve recently started using a new product from Clearasil called Ultra PerfectaWash. It’s a face wash system that is unlike any that I’ve previously tried. It works to deep-clean your skin and treat acne for a visibly clearer complexion.

It’s pretty neat how it works. The kit comes with two face washes, Superfruit Splash and Soothing Plant Extracts, and a dispenser. To set up you just click a face wash in the dispenser and switch it to “on”. It even comes with three AA batteries so it’s ready to go right away.

Then when you are ready to wash your face, just place you palm under the nozzle and it will automatically dispense the cleanser. The cool thing is though is that it will give you the PERFECT DOSE each and every time! It knows when to stop dispensing so you don’t have to worry about putting too much in your hand and wasting it.  I’ve been known to waste cleansers in the past when trying to squeeze it out of the bottle. I usually end up taking to much and having to rinse half of it down the sink. I love this feature on the PerfactaWash!

Because it gives you the perfect dose everytime, it will last you a long time. Each starter kit comes with a dispenser and two cleanser refills which gives you three months of daily use. Each refill is 100 doses.

There’s no other products you need to worry about either. Just wash your face and that’s all you need. No toner, acne cream, mask so it’s very quick and easy system to use.

I started out with the Superfruit Splash face wash and it’s been good so far. I like how it gets rid of the oil and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. As for pimples, I had my cycle so I broke out a little bit, but it didn’t seem as bad as previous months. I’m curious to see how I will do after using it for a longer period of time. It didn’t dry out my skin or make it red. I liked that it did not burn either. Normally new products burn at first, but I was 100% fine with this one.

When I’m finished with the Superfruit Splash, I’ll try out the Soothing Plant Extracts refill. I’m excited to see what that one is like because it contains extracts sourced from daisy, rock rose and lavender which are supposed to calm your skin.

Would you like to try the Clearasil Ultra PerfectaWash System?  You can! Mom Central Canada has a testing opportunity for moms in Canada to give it a try themselves or give it to their pre-teen/teen to try. Apply here to test it out yourself. The offer ends on April 10, 2012.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Clearasil PerfectaWash program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Reckitt Benckiser.  I received compensation as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.”

Stacie Vaughan

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