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Bottle Snugglers Review

Bottle Snugglers is owned by Jennifer Marko, a working Mom who sought a solution for multitasking while feeding baby. Jennifer owned a PR practice when she had her son six years ago, and since I work in the same industry, I know how crazy things can get and can definitely relate! I only work from home part-time for a PR firm, and I can barely keep up at times!

The idea behind the Bottle Snuggler is a “third hand” for feeding. You place your bottle through the special holder (almost like a hair scrunchy), which then attaches to a stuffed animal with Velcro. One thing I really liked about Bottle Snugglers is their bonding philosophy. In other words, this is NOT a product that is meant to encourage leaving a baby alone on the floor. Check out their safety reminder:

Bottle Snugglers Safety Reminder

Bottle Snugglers promote bonding during feeding time by allowing mom to continue to hold a feeding baby while also handling another task, as needed. They are not intended to be used for every feeding, but are a tool to help busy moms who occasionally need a third hand. Always hold baby while using this product. Babies should never be left alone with a bottle, as choking can occur under the best of circumstances.

I tested out the Bottle Snuggler on my eight-month-old Caleb, who can sometimes hold his bottle on his own but sometimes does still need help. I think you can definitely use this on younger babies, though – before they are ready to hold bottles. We reviewed the Precious Puppy but there are three other equally-adorable ones to choose from: Charming Teddy Bear, Cuddly Cow and Pinky Pig. It’s great that there are both gender-specific and gender-neutral options.

We use Tommee Tippee bottles, which are wide and short. It was a challenge to get on the bottle holder, but it did fit. I would recommend Bottle Snugglers either offer two sizes for traditional and wide bottles, or make the bottle holder stretchier to accommodate both. It’s definitely easier to put the “scrunchy” holder around the bottle before you make it! Once you have a full bottle, you attach it to the stuffed animal (via Velcro) and place the stuffed animal on top of your baby. I learned it works better when you have your baby slightly reclined instead of laying flat.

It did work fairly well once we figured it out. When holding his bottle without help, Caleb struggles with the last ounce or two because he doesn’t tilt it high enough to get the milk to the nipple. The Bottle Snuggler definitely helped with that. A cool bonus is that the Bottle Snugglers double as a toy! Our puppy has crinkly ears, which Caleb loved to play with while drinking his bottle as well as a squeaky toy in his foot. That way, when you’re done with bottles, it’s still a useful product! I would file this under “nice to have” but probably not a necessity.

You can buy your own Bottle Snuggler on their website for $20.95 and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. This product is only available to U.S. addresses.


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