Book Review | Between

Title: Between (Crossroads Saga)

Author: Mary Ting

My Review:

Between by Mary Ting is the second installment of the Crossroads Saga. Claudia is now leading a “normal” life, while still dealing with the loss of her Gamma and longing for Michael. Between centers around the struggle of two angelic sectors fighting to protect Claudia from one of God’s first Angels’, Aliah. Aliah is stuck between Heaven and Hell, hence the name, “Between”. Claudia’s soul is the answer which he seeks; her soul will allow him to cross over into Crossroads. Now Michael and another angel (who shall remain nameless) must put their differences aside to protect Claudia and all others with her namesake from the grasps of the evil Aliah.

Between left me with conflicting emotions. I do believe that the main protagonist has potential, but Michael falls flat for me, throughout the story. His actions are questionable, such as during a particular part in the book, in which he states that he is willing to break all the commandments for Claudia. That bothered me a bit; perhaps my personal faith affected my response to that statement. Another concern is the triangle, which practically came out of nowhere. I will not give away who the person is, but here is a hint, it is the same angel who must now work with Michael. I suppose that it would be okay, if not for the extreme nature of it. He professes his love for her rather quickly, and it was unbelievable. Obviously Claudia is supposed to be a beautiful girl, but what are the chances of two angels falling madly in love with her? Despite my grievances, I will add this; I am rooting for the latter angel. Something that I did like about Between was that fact that Claudia is beginning to grow and accept who she is. It is Claudia who plays the role of “hero” in the end, which is a welcomed change from some YA Paranormal Romance books. Also, the final chapters of Between really managed to grab me. I felt sadness for Michael and Claudia, which I did not expect to experience. I will not elaborate on what happens, but I was surprised by the turn of events and am now interested in learning how it is all resolved.

Despite my conflicting emotions while reading Between, Ting’s creativity is commendable. She brings a new style to YA and I hope that she continues to expand upon that. I would recommend the book to fans of YA Paranormal Romance, with a warning attached. There are some questionable scenes in Between which involve intense make out sessions and even one instance in which Claudia is topless. Therefore, I do not recommend Between for younger teens. All others seeking a different read should give Between a try. Everything may not flow as smoothly as possible, but it is worth reading.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this book.*


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