Book Review | Balthazar

Title: Balthazar: An Evernight Novel

Author: Claudia Gray

My Review:

I first became addicted to Claudia Gray’s books because of the Evernight series, which is about a boarding school with some very unique “students”. The last book in the Evernight series came out a couple of years ago, but Gray’s brand new book, Balthazar, continues just about where Afterlife left off and fleshes out fan favorite vampire Balthazar.

Balthazar was turned into a vampire when he was 19, and then turned his younger sister, Charity, into one as well. To acclimate to current time periods, Balthazar had to attend Evernight Academy, where he met human student Skye Tierney. Though he is attracted to her, Balthazar has sworn that he will never become romantically involved with a human. Now acting as her bodyguard and going undercover in her high school as a substitute teacher, Balthazar can no longer fight his growing attraction to Skye. Skye has a unique psychic ability that has caught the attention of Balthazar’s sire, Redgrave. It is entirely up to Balthazar to prevent Redgrave from capturing her because of what her blood can do.

All I can say after finishing Balthazar in practically one day is that I want more. I wasn’t expecting that Balthazar would take place in present day; I thought this would completely be his “origin” story. I was pleasantly surprised that I got to be reunited (briefly) with favorites from the Evernight series: Bianca, Skye, and Lucas. I also loved learning about his history; he was just a mysterious character and I always wanted to know more about him.

Balthazar is being called a stand alone novel, but I am really crossing my fingers that Gray will continue writing about Balthazar, Charity, and Skye; there is still a lot of story that could be told. There is no cliffhanger ending exactly, but I think anyone who has been following these characters since Evernight will be dying for more.

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