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Oh Katy Reusable Diaper Review

The Oh Katy reusable diaper has been named a top diaper and newborn essential by Babble for 2011. It is designed to fit most babies 8-35lbs, though I would love to try these on a 6 or 7 pound baby. I think the crossover snaps might go tight enough. I can see why it made it into the top picks, this cloth diaper does one thing better than most of ours – it fits nice and snug. I honestly can’t believe how snug this diaper is on my skinny girl’s thighs and waist. I’m used to one or both gaping no matter how tight I go. It really seems tailored to fit slim babies and skinny mini toddlers – at least around the waist and around the thighs. The rise doesn’t have much more to go though since we are on the highest rise setting at 15 months old. I don’t know if it will fit all the way through to the end, but I think it would have fared well in the newborn days.

The hip snaps keep the sides from drooping and provide a very nice trim fit, even with two inserts. The leg gussests are lined with microfleece to help prevent red marks. The cross over snaps are also part of the “wrap and snap” feature that makes it possible to roll up the diaper to keep everything contained without a wetbag. The pocket opens in the front and is wide enough for daddy hands. The color selection is wonderful. Oh Katy offers vibrant colors with plenty of boy and neutral choices. So if you have a skinny boy, you will definitely find a diaper you’ll like!

Each diaper comes with two inserts and are reasonably priced at $17.95. I’ve had to use both inserts whenever we use this diaper because my daughter has become a heavy wetter now that she’s a toddler. We have experienced a few leaks around the legs if my daughter sleeps on her side. Or it might be more wicking than leaking due to the microfleece lined gussets. It hasn’t been a huge issue and doesn’t happen all the time. I’m continuing to experiment with insert combinations to get the right absorbency. I’m not sure the newborn doubler boosts it enough for our needs. I’ve mostly used this diaper for day use and naps. Since we’ve had some leaking during naps I’ve been nervous about using it overnight. She has soiled this diaper on numerous occasions and it contained those messes!

As for laundering, it appears to have average washing/drying time. It seems that if you snap the larger insert over, it takes longer to dry.

Final thoughts: This is a good diaper to use for skinny babies that don’t seem to fit well into cloth.
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